Justice. The ex-boss, the secretary and her naked photos

The representative of the prosecution wonders why the two parties are before the criminal court. “We should have stayed at the labor tribunal level. Because it is on the professional level that the story takes root. And skids. This is a conflict between the boss of a real estate company based in the Thionville countryside and the secretary, which ended in a contractual breach of contract. This agreement was quickly denounced, with the discovery on the employee’s work computer of a Dropbox link (an online file copy storage and sharing service) leading to the other activity of the person concerned, a translation company. In this link, clichés appear: photos of a couple logoed from a swinger site, took pleasure in recalling the boss’s advice.

Deliberated on November 3

In this case, exposed this week in hearing in Thionville, the business manager and the secretary are both warned and civil parties. Each denouncing the actions of the other party, at their expense, and with complaints. The first maintains keenly that this Dropbox link had nothing to do in the PC pro. The second complains of the intrusion of his ex-employer in his private life, which he would have exposed in broad daylight, in particular on sites where he worked at the time.

For the lawyer of the entrepreneur, the release of his client comes forward as the criminal response to be brought. Regarding the secretary’s advice, what was found on the computer is only access to a cloud. Remote storage updated as soon as it is shared by several users, day or night, which is criticized by the boss who noticed that the link was active during the working hours of his employee.

Deliberated on November 3.

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