Justice. Suicide blackmail, insults … he harasses his childhood sweetheart twenty years later

They knew each other at a very young age and loved each other until a conviction followed by incarceration separated them. Forever ? Eighteen years after their breakup, they meet again via Facebook. “It was she who first asked me as a friend,” said the man at the helm of the Thionville criminal court.

Nod to her indicating otherwise, curled up on the bench, legs and arms crossed. She was now married, mother of four children, her marriage was not the best, she had seen in him, a friend. They met a few times, exchanged messages but nothing about her that could suggest any romantic outcome. “She sent me hearts on Instagram,” defends the defendant who appeared on Tuesday for repeated sending of malicious messages, death threats, harassment and willful damage to the property of others.

The more she repulsed his advances, the more pressing, threatening, insulting he became. For months, he harassed her to the point of causing serious physiological and psychological disturbances in her. “My wife lives behind her shutters on the lookout. She can no longer set foot outside, ”her husband told investigators. Considerably thin, those around her see her change, close in on herself.

A psychopathic profile

Her former lover, still in love with her, has not let go since December 2017. He terrorizes her. He sends her up to 60 messages a day, 500 in three weeks. “I’m going to kill you and then I’m going to kill myself”, “I’m going to get your guts out of your stomach”, “I’m going to burn your mouth with acid” and that interspersed with “I love you” and flowers sent to his home.

But the former lover is not satisfied with terrorizing his companion in her youth, he attacks her father and her husband sharply and threatens his children. She can’t take it anymore. He blackmailed suicide, came to her house, broke her mailbox, broke down her front door. He assures him that she had to leave her husband for him, that she sent him “sexy photos”. She maintains that she had blocked him on all social networks except Instagram. “I had to keep my hand on him to find out what he was up to. I was always afraid of the worst, ”says the mother of the family.

The defense speaks of “an exchange” and not of a one-way relationship. Of course, he has a psychopathic profile exacerbated by taking medication, but “he took his time, his health, his life,” insists the civil party. The 43-year-old man, released for repeated sending of malicious messages, was sentenced to twelve months in prison, six of which were suspended for two years and banned from appearing in the town of Florange where the victim resides.

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