Justice. Drunk, he insults the police and spits on them

It is the story of an evening too drunk. It begins with a wedding and ends in the cells of the Thionville police station. In the meantime, for this twenty-something Hayangeois, it’s the black hole. Even the statement of the facts with which he is accused: drunk driving, lack of control of his vehicle, refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test, contempt of an agent, rebellion, violence, death threats, degradation of goods… “I don’t remember. Not even the incident, ”he apologized on Monday in the courtroom of the Thionville district court.

The facts date back to the night of October 3-4. A little before 3 am, when leaving the party, the man takes the wheel. At the stand, he admits to having been drinking. “In what quantity? “Asks President Marie-Cécile Dupuy. ” I do not know. About twenty beers, ”replied the defendant. A little later, the driver collides with two cars parked in a street in Nilvange. A third vehicle, by ricochet, was also hit.In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Asleep at the wheel

Alerted, the police went to the scene and discovered the driver asleep on his dashboard. Waking up is difficult for the accused who submits to a breathalyzer. This is where everything goes wrong. While the police ask him to get out of the vehicle, the man refuses. “The police note that from that moment, you become extremely agitated, outrageous towards them,” explains the president. Insults erupted, death threats, beatings also.

The police end up calling the individual to take him to the station. In the vehicle, the man does not calm down, on the contrary: he spits on one of the police officers and relieves himself in the back seat. At the police station, he was no more cooperative and refused the new blood alcohol test, before complying with it a few hours later. “Isn’t this the first time you’ve shown unusual behavior?” And every time, under the influence of alcohol? », Launches the president before quoting the six mentions already appearing in the record of the accused. For the deputy prosecutor, Adrien Fauchier Delavigne, the man has no more excuses, he requires nine months firm.

Found guilty of all the facts alleged against him, the man was sentenced to six months in prison as well as a two-month revocation of a previous suspended sentence. He will also have to compensate the police.

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