Justice. A monitoring center for perpetrators of domestic violence in Nancy

For the Grand Est, Strasbourg and Nancy will host two of the sixteen national centers for monitoring perpetrators of domestic violence (CPCA). The Minister for Gender Equality, Elisabeth Moreno, announced it on October 27. These multidisciplinary structures should ensure closer support for violent spouses. These creations, which should take place before the end of the year, are in the wake of the “Grenelle” on domestic violence which was held in 2019.


Almost a year ago to the day, the government pledged to adopt various measures to further protect victims of domestic violence, which is on the rise, and to better supervise their perpetrators both during and after legal proceedings. It was a question of proposing adapted and convergent responses to prevent them from reoffending, to keep them away from their victim, but also to engage them in a process of rehabilitation and awareness of their actions.

Following the “Grenelle”, a call for projects was launched by the State for the constitution of local CPCAs (two per region) in order to link the territory. In Nancy, the association Land to Live , already involved in welcoming and listening to violent men through its “Men and Violence” unit coordinated by psychologist Élisabeth Perry, responded. This application was supplemented by a commitment of cooperation from the socio-judicial service of the Réalise association, which acts as a delegation of the prosecutor of the Nancy tribunal de grande instance.

After judicial time

Directed by Jean-Philippe Renard, this service, co-financed by the Métropole du Grand Nancy and the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion of the Prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle, is in charge of the judicial follow-up of the perpetrators of violence and of the enforcement of certain court decisions. “We intervene on judicial time,” explains Jean-Philippe Renard. Since 2016, violence against women having become a priority in penal policy, we have been able to put in place all socio-judicial measures such as accountability internships, judicial control or the eviction of the violent spouse thanks to three housing units that we manage. ”

For his part, Land to Live , which is part of the National Federation of associations and support centers for perpetrators of domestic and family violence (FNACAV), is part of the continuity of Réalise’s missions. T land to live is positioned as a follow-up structure for perpetrators of violence, considering that their support is inseparable from measures to protect victims.

The Nancy association has a therapeutic team made up of psychologists and volunteers. The constitution of the CPCA therefore formalizes an already existing collaboration in Nancy and will allow all those involved in the prevention of recidivism to have additional resources. The number of these centers is expected to double by 2021, rising to around thirty across France.

Hotline for perpetrators of domestic violence: 08 019 019 11

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