Justice. 52 IOUs: a generous nonagenarian

The pleadings of Me Felici, defense lawyer, weighed heavily in the balance? It would seem so. On Tuesday, the Thionville Criminal Court had to rule on a case that dates back ages. At the time when a nonagenarian living in Fontoy had been dating for years a woman who came to visit him every Sunday.

A woman younger than him, whose life course was strewn with financial pitfalls. A woman that the company puts in the disability category, and who was in litigation with the CPAM.

From this bourgeois man, single without children, the defendant worried for acts of abuse of weakness receives between 2005 and 2017 – the period of prevention cannot go back further – money. Quite a bit of money. Amounts recorded on 52 IOUs, the total of which is around tens of thousands of euros.

Old francs and euros

This understanding between the two protagonists then worries the nephew and the niece, who take a dim view of this relationship which they consider expensive for their uncle. The highlight of this bad show comes to light when the lady companion demands € 165,000 from her generous lender, because she risks being at the door. Informed, the nonagenarian gets in touch with his notary, who advises him to buy this property, in exchange for rent.

In the meantime, his family decides to place him under protection. A curatorship. He will die a little later. This Tuesday therefore, the curator of the time, his nephew, assures the court “that there is no question of asking for damages”. Just that “justice be done”.

Faced with the prosecution’s indictment, which asked for 8 months in prison, including 4 suspended months, the court chaired by Alexandre Gantois agreed with the defense. Or an outright release, the advanced age of the victim does not characterize a vulnerability, especially as the nonagenarian has looked after his patrimonial interests, considers the court. And that the medical expertise of 2018 qualifies it as “not demented”. In this regard, another medical opinion highlighted faculties which were deteriorating, in particular in the field of money where he sometimes confused old francs and euros.

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