Just when her mother gave birth to her.. Al-Qeshta Fifi Abdo falls into an embarrassing situation. She forgot herself, so her dress fell off and she revealed her beauty about her.. Look before deletion

She was born to a father who works as an officer. Her parents refused to enter the world of art and dance, so she ran away with her uncle and turned professional. She married a businessman and they had their eldest daughter, Azza, who took up acting. After separating from him, she married several of her Her current husband is Palestinian businessman, “Muhammad Al-Dirawi”, and they had their daughter, “Hanadi”.

its beginning
She first appeared in cinema with small roles, and her first real work of art was in the film One of the Greats of Islam in 1970, then her roles in cinema continued as a belly dancer. In recent years she has appeared as a heroine in TV series.

his roles
She has cited several roles, and was bad in some and good in others, such as the films Lady of Six, A Woman and Five Men, such as she appeared in the film ‘Wazir in Gypsum’ with artist Salah Zulfiqar and the film “One Woman Is Not Enough” with artist Ahmed Zaki and artist Yousra and many other works.

His choice is an ideal mother

And the artist, Fifi Abdo, posted an earlier video of her congratulating her audience on a new year, in her own way, wishing the new year to be a happy one for everyone.

Fifi Abdo said, in the video, which she posted on her Twitter account: She says: “We love you very much.. I mean Sawyer, I love you, and from Egypt, Mother of the world, good morning, I want to say Mary Christmas Happy New Year , every year and you are good, Lord come back. ” Blessings and all goodness upon you. “

And he added in the video, saying: “Not all cats are told to him, or Meshmesh, and not all mice know how to choose, and whoever is in my beauty does my deeds, and whoever doesn’t like his hair, I answer his. “


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