Just Use Fingers, These 3 Styles Make Couples Orgasm Many Times

VIVA – Reach orgasm at times it may seem like a goal sex most of which cannot be reached, so they are considered unreal. In fact, sex with certain techniques can whip up passion, including multiple orgasms.

According to a study by OMGYES, Indiana University School of Public Health, and the Kinsey Institute, about 47 percent of women admit to having experienced multiple orgasms. Several ways need to be understood in order to achieve it.

Quoted from page Cosmopolitan, the most important way is to know how to orgasm from the beginning. Your second orgasm is usually easier to achieve than the first.

“After your first orgasm, you’re likely to have multiple,” says Maureen Pollack, sex expert, intimacy coach, Waterslyde CEO, and co-owner. Lovability Inc.

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Then, Masturbate. Learn what your body likes and what serves to take your body further and deeper. Orgasm that comes from stimulating the clitoris can feel very different from using fingers or sex toys. And trying both at once, the sensation must be different.

Lastly, focus. The right sex is better sex. Women who can have super orgasms, multiple orgasms up to 100 times in a row have slower alpha brain waves, which are calmer brains. Try to focus on pleasure instead of whatever your brain wants to think.

So, what styles can be used to achieve multiple orgasms? Here are 3 recommendations lovemaking style.

The A La Carte

Sit with your butt on the edge of the table and begin with hand or toy clitoral stimulation for the perfect first orgasm. Try something else (or more) by adding new internal stimulation with your partner standing for penetration or using his or her fingers or a toy to press against the upper wall of your vagina.

The Puppet Master

Once you find a way to orgasm, let your partner do it by pointing their fingers to do what you did before. Show or tell them what you want and lie down and enjoy caressing your clitoris and breasts.

The Rocker

Choose your stimulation while lying on your stomach and ask your partner to penetrate from behind. Press your feet tightly and place the toes underneath you on the clitoris. Press forward when you want more clitoral stimulation, press back while holding your legs together and tighten your legs in Kegel pose.

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