Just one slip is not enough

Nepukist, tarikat or Plovdiv zevzek? After five fines and slips, the owner of the car in question continues to keep it parked in violation of Filip Makedonski Street, saw Plovdiv24.bg. The section in question is one-way, and the car is apparently for repatriation, as it decomposes on the spot.

According to Art. 94, para. 4) of the Road Traffic Act – on a road with one-way traffic, a stay is allowed on the left side in the direction of traffic, if this does not interfere with the movement of road vehicles. Stay, but not parking, not for years.

According to the Plovdiv Waste Management Ordinance, if a motor vehicle is stopped or the last annual technical inspection has expired more than two years ago, it must either be moved by the owner to a private property or repatriated.

The car in question has stickers for passing the annual technical inspection, which are valid until November 2020.

However, if the Municipality of Plovdiv had updated its local legislation in accordance with the amendments to the Ordinance on end-of-life vehicles adopted by the Council of Ministers in January 2021, such places would already be vacant. For almost a year and a half, however, no one has submitted such a proposal for change, which is still being prepared by the administration. In order not to be unfounded and in order to avoid collective irresponsibility, we must say that the responsibility falls on the relevant Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Mr. Anesti Timchev and the subordinate directorate “Ecology and Waste Management”, in which about 10 more people work during this management term.

According to information from the regional mayoralties for the first 6 months of 2021, more than 40 abandoned motor vehicles were forcibly repatriated from the territory of the municipality, and more than 130 were voluntarily moved by their owners after placing a warning sticker.

On this basis, we can make a reasonable assumption that the cars in question occupied more than 170 municipal parking spaces in the period 2019 – 2021. We can only guess what is the number of abandoned vehicles in 2021-2022, which are likely to be moved this year. That is why we expect the Municipality of Plovdiv to give a comprehensive report and analysis regarding the repatriated cars by regions and in general for the period in question.

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