Just 2 Tools, Standard Innova Diesel and Fortuner Diesel Up 50 DK


Toyota Fortuner diesel engine illustration

Otomotifnet.com – Increasing the standard engine power of Toyota Innova diesel and Fortuner diesel, using only 2 tools. Will increase by 50 DK.

Actually, the power of the two cars is good enough for daily activities. Both the 2KD engine and the 2GD engine.

However, there are still owners who always feel lacking in power.

Priest Firdaus from the workshop Sigma Speed offers a fairly inexpensive solution.

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“Increasing the power of the Innova and Fortuner diesel engines is very easy. It’s more difficult with a petrol engine.”

“The good thing is, the engine doesn’t need to change anything and is still very suitable for daily use,” he said.

According to the Imam, by using a piggyback Dastek Unichip X+ and i-Drive module, energy has increased by 50 dk.

Added by Imam, Dastek Unichip X+ is very suitable for modern diesel engines. Quite a lot of features that exist and can be used in diesel engines.



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