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Jürgen Klinsmann: Trainer license invalid – “The current status is …”

Hertha BSC will face Bayern Munich on Sunday. Spicy: The coach license of Berlin coach Jürgen Klinsmann is invalid – the fans scoff.

  • Jürgen Klinsmann ensures before the Bundesliga second half start against FC Bayern for headlines.
  • His Coaching license is not valid anymore. Now Klinsmann has reacted.
  • They answered on the net fans with mockery and ridicule.

Update from January 17th, 1:12 p.m .:
Jürgen Klinsmann is currently speaking on the press conference before the game against Bayern Munich. He also commented on his missing Coaching license,

Would the discussions have had a negative impact on him? “It didn’t really bother me,” Klinsmann replied to the question. “The current status is simple: I will post the things you need. Then the license is reissued. In practice this is not a problem either. Alexander Nouri and Markus Feldhoff are football teachers, my license will be renewed and then it will work. It’s a nice story in the media, I can understand that. But it didn’t bother us. “

Hertha CEO too Michael Preetz commented on the current situation: “We are in an exchange with DFL and DFB, It’s about collecting and sorting things. As is the case with a larger association: this takes time and must be done properly. We are confident that it will be resolved by the game. ”

Klinsmann added that he had exchanged information with those responsible for the association by phone and email. “I sent them a lot of things that I at least have in my laptop, that should be enough. I think it will be done in the next few days. If it’s done by the day after tomorrow, fine. If not, then it will be done next week, it is not a problem at all. ”Finally, the coach said with a wink in the direction of the media group:“ Next week, the story will also no longer sell. Then we will find something new. “

Klinsmann’s counterpart Hansi Flick also speaks at a press conference about the upcoming game. at tz.de * is there Live Coverage,

Klinsmann talks about his invalid license: “Now they just checked” – fans scoff

Update from January 16, 11:40 a.m .: Curiosity around Jürgen Klinsmann and his Coaching license, The coach of Hertha BSC has since expressed himself publicly, he has already assured Berlin fans via Facebook livestream that everything is fine.

in the The 1990 world champion now explained Sky Interview: “It’s a little bargain for the media to drop their spells there.” He would definitely sit on the bench on Sunday and his team against him FC Bayern care.

Jürgen Klinsmann: Fuss over a trainer’s license – but he gives the all-clear

However, he has admitted that his license is no longer valid: “No one has approached me for a license for 20 years, whether as a national coach, Bayern coach or national coach of the USA,” said Klinsmann. “Now they just checked – and there it was.”

The 55-year-old now needs confirmation of regular training. He had made these, but he had to “gather them together” first. Problem: You are in his office in his home in California. His wife Debbie is with her daughter Laila in Florida for the next two months, where she takes part in tournaments as a show jumper. For Klinsmann the license swirl is not a problem and only a matter of form.

The mockery of football fans, on the other hand, piles up. The portal “WUMMS” was already titled: “No license to train – 00Klinsi”. Another fan writes on Twitter: “Jürgen Klinsmann had forgotten the proof of further education in his house in the USA – if this has never happened, throw the first Miles and More Card!”

And somehow fitting a trailer sums up: “Nobody has ever asked me for my driver’s license. That is why it still has to be valid. “

The Bundesliga starts again on Friday, Mönchengladbach is a guest in Gelsenkirchen. Foal trainer Marco Rose also commented on the start Thrown out of Niko Kovac at FC Bayern Munich, At the same time there is new speculations on Leroy Sané – does he stay with Manchester City?

License invalid? According to Klinsmann-Hammer, Matthäus explains: “He is not the trainer …”

Update from January 16, 8.35 a.m .: The coaching license is currently not available anyway (see below) – now there are record national players Lothar Matthäus the new Hertha coach Jürgen Klinsmann a suitable assessment on the way: He sees his former teammate more as a “project manager” with the Bundesliga team anyway.

“Jürgen is not the coach,” said the 58-year-old kicker, Klinsmann did with the former Bremer Alexander Nouri “A former Bundesliga coach as an assistant. Jürgen conducts a lot and includes his staff. There is an expert for every area. ”Klinsmann had this concept during his time, however unsuccessful time at Bayern Munich tracked in 2008 and 2009.

“You can tell he’s looking outside the box,” said TV expert Matthäus, who had played with Klinsmann at Bayern in the 1990s. “With him, I assume Berlin will be competitive for the international places in the next two years.” The honorary captain of the German Football Association described the capital club as “sleeping giant”. Hertha needed “a breath of fresh air. It was certainly important for Jürgen that there was an investor in Berlin with Lars Windhorst and that he could initiate something in the here and now. “

Klinsmann hammer before Bayern game! License invalid? He answers in the fan livestream

1:26 p.m .: The club itself has meanwhile commented on the current situation. There are still a few days left until the game against Bayern on Sunday, said the “old lady”. If necessary, the situation could also be dealt with on match day, a Hertha spokesman remarked on the allegedly missing Coaching license,

If head coach Klinsmann was unable to provide proof of a license that must be renewed every three years, an assistant coach with a valid certificate might have to officially support the Berlin team against Bayern. Klinsmann would still be sitting on the bench. “I don’t worry at all. It was clearly said that this will be cleared up by the weekend, ”said assistant coach Alexander Nouri on Wednesday about this scenario.

The opening match will take place on Friday. Oliver Kahn will be an expert in the Bundesliga game between FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Mönchengladbach on January 17 be active. Does that make him come to Bredouille because he has to answer uncomfortable questions?

1:10 p.m .: Klinsmann is asked about new additions – are Götze, Draxler, Xhaka a topic at Hertha? He could not say anything new about this. As was to be expected, Klinsi no longer responds to the trainer’s license after his initial statement.

The talk in the fan livestream has now ended. Here you can read the most important statements about the supposedly missing trainer license.

Jürgen Klinsmann: Missing trainer license? Hertha-Trainer provides the answer in the fan livestream

1:08 p.m .: Whether there is a statement from Klinsmann on the sensitive subject? He talks about new signing Santiago Ascacibar and the stay in the USA.

1:05 p.m .: Klinsmann says: “The Holger is already asking for my trainer license.” The Hertha coach laughs loudly and explains: “It’s somewhere in my California house. In some drawer. We will find it again. The things the DFB needs in terms of information I have already emailed to you. Everything is in order, it’s not a problem at all. Relaxation in that sense.

Update from January 15, 01:01 p.m .: Klinsmann is online! He is currently answering questions from fans on Hertha BSC’s Facebook page. What does he say about his trainer license? First, he talks about the training camp in Florida. But the fans want to know something else: “Are you sitting on the coaching bench on Sunday?”

Klinsmann hammer before FC Bayern game! Can he no longer train Hertha BSC? He confesses: “When I …”

Update from January 15, 9.25 a.m .: Vortex about Hertha coach Jürgen Klinsmann: What about his license? It may be completely invalid, so Klinsmann would have to Fort educational hours catch up. Either way, the former DFB coach and his club could be fined.

Spicy: On Tuesday the capital city club announced via Twitter that Klinsmann would take time for questions from fans on Wednesday afternoon. Certainly he will also be asked about the license exciter.

Klinsmann hammer before Bayern game! Can he no longer train Hertha BSC? He confesses: “When I …”

First report from January 15, 7:01 a.m .: Berlin – Die Bundesliga is in the starting blocks, from Friday the ball will roll again in Germany’s football temples. At the start after the winter break there is a top game: The fifth from Gelsenkirchen awaits the second from Mönchengladbach.

Only on Sunday will the defending champion intervene again. The FC Bayern Munich* is a guest of Hertha BSC, On special duel, not only for the new FCB board member Oliver Kahn, After the internal discussions about Alexander Nübel and the thin staff blanket Munich must go to the capital – and to their former coach Jürgen Klinsmann,

Jürgen Klinsmann: Embarrassing mistake with a coach license – can he coach against Bayern?

that Jürgen Klinsmann failed at FC Bayern crashing, meanwhile he has returned to the Bundesliga and has been keeping things going since then. Now the next hammer: Klinsmann can do it German soccer league (DFL) do not present a valid trainer license at the moment. This emerges from a DFL statement, which the image– Newspaper published on Tuesday evening – five days before the start of the second round against FCB in Berlin.

A Klinsmann GIF is circulating on the net, showing him shaking his head during a game. The right response to the current situation. “In the case of Jürgen Klinsmann, proof of a valid license is currently missing,” says the DFL, The licensing regulations stipulate that head coaches of the Bundesliga and second division clubs must have a valid soccer teacher license German Football Association (DFB) or an equivalent valid trainer license. Loud image be Klinsmann and Hertha vom DFB asked to submit them until the Bayern game. This had not happened until Tuesday.

Jürgen Klinsmann: Duel against FC Bayern – but his coaching license is missing

The DFL shared in the image with the fact that she is in contact with Hertha and the DFB about “the extent to which proof of a valid license can be provided or the license can be extended. We are confident that the topic will be resolved quickly ”. Whether Klinsmann can now sit on the bench against FCB? This is currently unclear. The fact is: A trainer without a valid license is a violation of the DFL statutes. Klinsmann and Hertha could be sanctioned for this, possibly in the form of a fine.

The 55-year-old Klinsmann, who succeeded Hertha at the end of November at the end of November, declared in the imagethat the documents would be available in his home in Florida / USA: “When I got on the plane towards Berlin at the end of November, I hadn’t thought that I needed my trainer license and the proof of further education, because I didn’t know that I was there Hertha coach. I simply forgot the documents at Christmas“Klinsmann said:” But I’m about to teach all the necessary documents. “

Jürgen Klinsmann: Embarrassing mistake before Bayern game – coach license invalid

Klinsmann had obtained his license in 2000 as part of a special DFB course. This is loud image meanwhile expired. The following also applies to Klinsmann: a license must be renewed every three years, for which 20 hours of training must be proven.

Tobias Haupt, head of the DFB Academy, said the imagethat of course certain rules would also apply to DFB honorary captain Klinsmann. “Together with the DFL and Jürgen, we will discuss concrete measures that Jürgen can use to close the gaps, for example by participating in the elite head coach training course in Mainz in February,” Haupt is quoted as saying.

At the World Cup 2022 Klinsmann goalkeeper coach Andreas Köpke will probably be in the service of the DFB again. The DFL has now announced that the Winter World Cup may even include Bundesliga games, At FC Bayern Munich you should smile about Klinsmann’s mistake. Your own situation is not particularly funny. Many players drop out, there are public transfer debates – sports director Hasan Salihamidzic made mistakes? Now a short term Paris reinforcement discussed,

Does the funniest Premier League professional play at Newcastle United? Allan Saint-Maximin, formerly Hannover 96, caused a laugh on Twitter – and made a fan particularly happy.

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