Jürgen Damm preferred America over three better economic proposals

JürgenDamm also clarified that he signed a contract from the beginning and was never on trial

Mexico.- Juergen Damm pointed through Twitter who has always been an Americanist and revealed that he rejected three better proposals, economically speaking, to be able to wear the shirt of the America.

“My biggest dream was always to play with the Great Bird, many people think that I declared it because of needing a job when I rejected 3 financially much better proposals and gave up more than 35M salary in Atlanta, all in order to play in America,” he shared. Juergen Damm.

In addition, he clarified Juergen Damm that he was never on trial at the club, but hired from the beginning.

“It was handled in different media that I came on trial when it was never like that, I signed my contract from the first day I arrived at the club.” On the other hand, he explained the reason for being traded in the recent preparation game of the Americanoting that he can play more than 30 minutes.

“At no time did I leave the exchange due to fatigue, the coaching staff decided from the beginning that the ideal would be to play 30 minutes and go progressively, that is why when the agreed time was met, the change was made”.

The contract of Juergen Damm It is for six months, plus six optional months in case the former Mexican team meets expectations.

It should be noted that Damm has not played an official match for months after his separation from Atlantaa squad that owned the 29-year-old soccer player’s letter and kept him training with the ‘B’ team.

10 years ago, Damm debuted in the League Mx in Tecos, although his best moment was in Pachuca one year later. With Tigres he played five years and went from more to less in performance and participation.

He had brilliant moments, managing to win four league titles and three Champion of Champions. During his stay in the feline team, he was more of a relief than an undisputed starter, despite his unbalancing offensive qualities.

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