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Jungle camp: Elena Miras drops bomb – “In the jungle I will …”

Jungle camp: Elena Miras drops bomb – “In the jungle I will …”

Elena Miras on her way to the 2020 jungle camp.

Elena Miras on her way to the 2020 jungle camp.

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It is probably the one jungle Camp-Candidate with the most Zoff potential: Elena Miras. Her daily freaks in the “Summer House of the Stars” are unforgettable, where she insulted not only her opponents but even partner Mike Heiter.

For the jungle Camp Elena Miras came up with something very special. In an interview with RTL before departure, the 27-year-old burst the bomb. “I’m going to unpack something in the jungle, where I think until now nobody knew.”

Jungle camp: Elena Miras wants to unpack at the artificial campfire

But what exactly does Elena want to unpack so exciting? The future jungle camp resident is still covering up: “Not necessarily for me, but yes, I’m ready for the jungle.”


This is Elena Miras:

  • Elena Miras was born on April 25, 1992 in Switzerland
  • The 27-year-old became known for her participation in the dating show Love Island (2017)
  • In autumn 2017 she met Mike Heiter
  • He was also a candidate for Love Island
  • In August 2018, the couple became parents of a daughter
  • In September 2019, the couple won the fourth season of The Summer House of Stars – Battle of Celebrity Couples on RTL


That promises excitement even before the official jungle camp start. Elena does not yet want to reveal whether her spicy gossip is a candidate from the camp. So it seems we really have to be patient.

Jungle camp 2020: will she take the exams?

In any case, Elena seems prepared for the jungle. Also for the exams. “I will compete and will be happy to do it. I have to face my fears and that’s why I’m ready for it. ”


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One thing will definitely not be the case with Elena Miras in the jungle camp: boring!

And in the first few days she really fueled the rumor mill. It was about Michael Wendler and his Laura. You can read the whole story here >>>



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