Jungle camp 2020: Sonja and Markus shoot against Danni

Danni Büchner (41) has made a name for himself in the past eleven days Camp nerve saw in the jungle made. Sonja Kirchberger (55) repeatedly blasphemed about her. Now her collar has burst. Together with junk dealer Markus Reinecke (50), actress Danni lets her know what the camp thinks of her – with serious consequences.

After a broken treasure hunt, the three are on the jungle phone, where Danni again complains about the situation in the camp. Quite incomprehensibly by Sonja, she accuses her: “You have been doing reality TV for so long that you know how to pull the strings here.” Also that Danni always has everything with her her late husband Jens Büchner († 49) must connect, you get on your nerves. “I think you pulled your story out here,” she continues. Danni of course knew that suffering always took hold.

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