Jungle Camp 2020 (RTL): Sonja Kirchberger got “pitying looks” from her friend

Sonja Kirchberger is a candidate in the 2020 jungle camp. Has she already revealed her secret trick for the disgust tests?

  • Sonja Kirchberger at 55, is the oldest female candidate in the Jungle camp 2020
    (all information in the jungle ticker).
  • The Austrian was born in 1988 with the film “Die Venusfalle“Famous.
  • In 2016 she was already in the RTL show “Let’s Dance” to see.

Did Sonja Kirchberger reveal her secret trick in the first episode of the 2020 jungle camp? When she choked down a fish eye in urine sauce: Jungle Camp 2020: “Don’t breathe through your nose and think of something completely different in your head, then somehow it worked.”

One could speculate that Sonja Kirchberger knows this trick from the numerous erotic scenes that she did in front of the camera. Because: In the 1980s, she was one of the hottest sweepers in German film.

Here you will find a portrait of the jungle camp candidate who became famous with the film “The Venus Trap”.

Sonja Kirchberger: She falls into this candidate profile in the 2020 jungle camp

There are a few inevitable Candidate profiles in the jungle camp: The ex-DSDS candidate (Kim Gloss or Tanja Tischewitsch), the former GNTM participant (Larissa Marolt, Sara Kulka or Gisele Oppermann), the former hit parade star (Miss Menke, Tina York or Peter Orloff) and the former cinema star , which has now disappeared from the radar (Helmut Berger, Brigitte Nielsen or Ingrid van Bergen).

Jungle Camp 2020: Sonja Kirchberger has been to Playboy three times

The latter candidate category also belongs Sonja Kirchberger on. The 55-year-old was once thick in the business with strongly erotic roles and was allowed to work for him three times playboy make naked (1988, 1995 and 2014). So it could have been a good thing that Sonja Kirchberger was one of those more mature women who undressed for the Playboy just before they moved into the jungle camp: remember Gundis Zámbó or Jenny Elvers.

There was no jungle camp candidate in Playboy last season. However, if you look at participants in season 13, it is also clear why: either too old (Sibylle Rauch) or too unknown (Leila Lowfire).

Sonja Kirchberger would have had a good chance of a Playboy shoot. Especially since she – you have to concede it fairly – has aged more like a good wine and not like a bag of milk. Still, she’s about to do it Jungle Home not made it to the Playboy cover again – this role has this year Wendler friend Laura Müller accepted. Laura does not go to the jungle, but was only in the conversation for a jungle participation – but it works Wendler-Ex Claudia Norberg to IBES,

Sonja Kircherberger has great respect for the 2020 jungle camp

Sonja Kirchberger has a lot of respect for the jungle camp, like they do RTL said: “Absolute anticipators with a change to panic, and I wake up at night welding attacks, because I think I’ve made too much of a plan. ”She is“ curious ”but actually“ very scared ”- also when it comes to the animals in the jungle camp.

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Then why does Sonja Kirchberger go to the show jungle Camp? “Because I think this format is incredibly smart. Everything is done that you are really emotionally physically and mentally naked, ”said the 55-year-old. At IBES, the actress now wants to show viewers more of the private Sonja Kirchberger. In order not to be so “naked” in front of the camera, she definitely takes Rouge and a brush with in the jungle,

Jungle camp 2020: Sonja Kirchberger’s friend doubts that she will pull it through

Apparently, one of them doesn’t really believe that the actress really pulls through the jungle camp: Sonja Kirchberger’s 15 years younger Friend Daniel (40), In the January 2 issue of Bunte magazine, she said: “Daniel gave me pitying looks even before I left.”

Her friend just knows her incredibly well, knows about her phobias and her cell phone and coffee addiction. “Daniel is firmly convinced that I will back out at short notice and cancel everything.” The couple even bet whether Sonja Kirchberger would pull the show through to the end.

Sonja Kircherberger in the jungle camp 2020: The “only real star” in the camp

It should also be emphasized that Ms. Kirchberger’s career was not in a coma, as was the case with the one mentioned above Brigitte Nielsen was the case. In the past years, the Austrian was in series with strong ratings like “SOKO“,”Commissioner Lucas“Or”Cruise to happinessTo see.

In this respect, it is almost too prominent for the jungle camp. For the Bild newspaper, she is even “the only real star” in the 14th season of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”,

Jungle Camp 2020: Sonja Kirchberger became known with “The Venus Trap”

Because the younger jungle camp viewers don’t necessarily tune in to the TV formats in which Sonja Kirchberger It can usually be seen at this point how she actually became a star: In late summer of 1988 she succeeded in the erotic film “The Venus Trap” the breakthrough. Overnight the former dental assistant became a film star. At that time, the film caused discussions: Sonja Kirchberger plays Coco, the friend of doctor Max, who is pretty sexy, but also damn constricting. And so Max is constantly longing to break out of the tightness of his own relationship. In the end, both Max and Coco do it with other partners, making the film a plea for the polyamorous lifestyle.

The dialogues in the film are involuntarily funny today. So throws Sonja Kirchberger told her partner’s schniedel that he was watching “stupidly out of the laundry” and would like to adopt the “royal stance” when she crawled under the table in lingerie. No joke! But hey: If you have shot scenes like this, you shouldn’t be for any jungle test to be a pity

Clip: Sonja Kirchberger in “The Venus Trap”

If this content description of the film sounds exceptionally sharp: Who the explicit sex scenes from “Game of Thrones” or “Spartacus” is used to find the “Venus trap” boring. You don’t see much in the in-out scenes either. But hey: the film came out in 1988 after all. At a time when the Berlin Wall was still standing and Bjorn Engholm as chancellor’s hope of SPD it was even easier to create controversy.

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Despite some engagements for strong TV series like “Clinic under palm trees” The big breakthrough for Sonja Kirchberger initially failed to materialize. Until she was mega-successful in 1998 Sat.1 series “The King of St. Pauli” played. The red light saga was one of the quota hits of 1998. Even if it was a director Dieter Wedel afterwards vomited out the production conditions of the six-piece and the TV critics panned the series. After all: Sonja Kirchberger was in discussion again – and from then on somehow committed to the role of the eternal seductress. Or do you make one of the younger ones Jungle candidates this role still in dispute? For example, we would be spontaneous Elena Miras and Anastasiya Avilova come up with ideas that are happy and often revealing on Instagram

Sonja Kirchberger: This is her Instagram account

Sonja Kirchberger also played at the theater

Honestly, you have to concede that the Austrian can do far more than act as a sex bomb. She successfully played theater, was “Effi Briest” and the Buhlschaft in “Anyone”, Like her self in an interview with the world Admittedly, she took roles because of the money, not necessarily because of an excellent script. “I also have to think economically and I have no problem playing in a series.” Her respect, she emphasized, goes to those colleagues who manage the balancing act to feed a family and still work on their acting dream.

In 2016 she also took an offer from RTL for the dance show “Let’s Dance” on. Since she had completed classical ballet training and even danced at the Vienna Opera, she was considered a candidate for victory. But then she had bad luck: her dance partner Ilia Russo had to leave the show after a lumbago. With your new partner Vadim Garbuzov, whose style she had to get used to quickly, the chemistry wasn’t right. After the fourth show departed Sonja Kirchberger out.

Sonja Kirchberger: Your friend is 14 years younger than you

Sonja Kirchberger became a mother for the first time in 1988. Your Daughter Janina was born with “The Venus Trap” before her breakthrough. She came in 1998 Son Lee Oscar to the world. After the birth of her first daughter, she told the world, she lived in a tiny apartment in her hometown of Vienna, which had nothing but a plastic mattress and a hotplate. One can understand that Sonja Kirchberger appreciated the earning opportunities that the acting offered her.

Daniel is 14 years younger: This is Sonja Kirchberger’s friend

As for relationship happiness, it seems Sonja Kirchberger after failed long-term relationships with Jochen Nickel and Klaus Eggenfellner meanwhile arrived. Your current partner Daniel is Argentinian and 14 years younger than her. She didn’t care about his age when love struck, she revealed to the Austrian portal News, According to her own statements, she pays particular attention to the character of men: “When you look at my picture of a man, it is clear: I fall in love with conversations, with humor. I love men who respect women. If my husband treats my friends well, he gives me a reason to fall in love with him again. This is very rare, I often miss that respect. “

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This should actually make it clear that it is for Sonja Kirchberger in the Jungle camp 2020 will not give romance. In addition to Sonja Kirchberger, there are also said to be birds of paradise Prince Damien, “Junk fox” Markus Reinecke. GZSZ star Raul Richter and Ex- “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate Marco Cerullo move to the jungle camp. But also an unexpected one Move up in the jungle camp 2020* is possible.

Jungle camp candidate Sonja Kirchberger: This is how the “Venus trap” lives on Mallorca

In addition to the artistic profession, Sonja Kirchberger has created a second economic mainstay: she has been operating for five years the restaurant “Ca’n Punta” in Palma de Mallorca, On Tripadvisor and Google users, the inn in the port of Molinar receives mostly good and very good reviews. Many guests expressly praise the quality of the food and wine in the “Ca’n Punta”. So one can assume that Sonja Kirchberger – unlike many other candidates – Don’t move to the jungle camp to avoid bankruptcy. As a restaurateur she seems to have gained a foothold. Probably could RTL them anyway with a neat one Gage to the jungle camp 2020 Curls.

By the way is Sonja Kirchberger not the first actress in the jungle camp who is also a landlady: Doreen Dietelthat 2019 at “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” was seen, operates the “Dürnbecker” restaurant in Gmund am Tegernsee,

How Sonja Kirchberger revealed in an interview with the world, she fulfilled a lifelong dream with her own restaurant: “I have always wanted to go to the restaurant business since I was 20. And as a host, you actually have a premiere every evening: a production every day that has to be perfect. ”

What can you expect from Sonja Kirchberger in the 2020 jungle camp?

The Austrian actress is certainly one of the more entertaining candidates “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”, She knows for sure that the viewers expect good entertainment from her. And it will deliver that too. Sonja Kirchberger is unlikely to bother in any jungle exam. Also in dealing with the other candidates, the moderators and Dr. bobwho even now gets its own RTL show, it will probably not attract attention. Whether they are the moderators Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich remain in the memory will stay?

And an artist who made her breakthrough with a film in which she reproaches a Schniedel is probably in the jungle Camp Too bad for nothing. The crown should be for Sonja Kirchberger are within reach.


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