Jungle Camp 2020: Elena Miras provokes with daring Instagram photos: “I find it hard to breathe”

Elena Miras likes to present on Instagram what she has to offer physically.

© Elena Miras (Instagram)

Elena Miras is currently in the jungle camp in the usual mob manner. Not only does she provoke well on TV, but also on Instagram – with extremely hot photos.

  • Elena Miras takes part in 2020 at RTLjungle Camp part.
  • Already in previous RTL shows like “Summer house of the stars” she was particularly striking because of her aggressive nature.
  • She also likes to provoke on Instagram, but not with nasty sayings, but with revealing photos.

Australia / Zurich – The Swiss Elena Miras stands with the jungle Camp not the first time in front of the camera. The brunette should already be out of the RTL audience “Love Island” and “Summer house of the stars” be known – and not just because she won both shows. Miras has burned itself into the minds of the viewers mainly because their outbursts of anger often caused a lot of trouble.

But she can not only provoke with swearword rants: Auf Instagram show the Dschungelcamp candidate in skimpy outfits, very confident of what she has to offer physically. Many like that, while others have something to complain about.

Elena Miras on Instagram: In the jungle camp, she speaks openly about cyberbullying

The Swiss woman makes no secret of the fact that she has to put up with a lot of hatred on the Internet. She tells in tears Toni trips* in the jungle Camp* Of the numerous Bullying attacks* As well as from one emotional experience with the youth welfare office, Anyone taking a closer look at the comments below Elena
Mira’s Instagram pictures throws, understands what the Swiss means.

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The confident shows in several photos Dschungelcamp candidate* Her well-trained body. But not everyone likes thatFor example, a user writes: “In such programs, the masks fall. Disgusting. Unfortunately, that makes the beauty ugly again. ”The comment is followed by several voices, the Elena Miras* accuse her difficult personality dubbed with pictures of her almost flawless body.

Nevertheless, the positive opinions that Miras have against the Hate Comments Defend: “All these *** fucked haters are just disgusting, like most of the real group bullying here against Elena, you are crazy!”

Jungle camp candidate Elena Miras shows what she has – and her followers are enthusiastic

Other commentators focus entirely on Elena Miras’ daring pictures in which she presents herself with a smile in tight clothes. A very revealing photo without underwear is particularly well received by its 458,000 followers (as of January 15, 2020):

Numerous enthusiastic comments such as “My breathing stops” and “What a body” can be read under her pictures. Her fans also really like that the Swiss girl made it after the Birth of her daughter Aylen still in great shape: “You’re beautiful!!!! They are all just jealous, there are few people who look so good after having a child. “

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