Jungle Awakens coming to Minecraft Dungeons on July 1

Minecraft Dungeons receive your first additional downloadable content next week and Free for those with the Hero edition. Players with the standard edition can get additional content by paying, which will automatically give them the Hero Pass. So, Jungle Awakens to be ready on July 1 to all users.

This first content pack will lead us to a dangerous jungle isolated from the world where we will face three dangerous missions to face a mysterious power. We can get more artifacts, weapons, armor and adventure partners.

Along with this update will come a new completely free dungeon for everyone: Lost Temple. In this lost temple we will find new objects and also pandas.

Users who have the Hero Edition they will have direct access to the contents of the second pack content at no additional cost, but for now no specific details have been given about that next downloadable.

Minecraft Dungeons gives players the survival mechanics of the game Mojang accompanied by the characteristics that are characteristic of the role-playing genre. Users will have the opportunity to launch themselves to look for loot and valuable objects with which to improve their equipment or skills, while in the company of friends or alone they are in charge of presenting battle to hordes of enemies.

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