Jungkook is the king of YouTube and ARMY hearts

Despite the fact that there are many idols, it seems that Jungkook has hit everyone and no one can stop looking for any type of content that talks about this Bangtan member crowning himself with another first place in searches.

The popularity of JK has been shown in many ways, it is a idol well loved and maybe even those who are not fans of BTS have had an interest in Jungkook For whatever reason, be it his tattoos, his looks or his physical attractiveness, people are searching for everything about this idol.

We cannot blame the world for loving Jungkook so much, because he really is a very talented idol, with a bright personality, excellent charisma and without forgetting how good he always looks, it is normal to love search all about JK and not wanting to miss any details.

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This time, everyone is looking for videos of Jungkook on the platform of YouTube and thus once again dominates the charts of most wanted idols.

Jungkook takes 1st place as idol with most searches on YouTube

Top Most Wanted Idols Revealed In YouTube and the first place is occupied Jungkook from Bangtan Sonyeondan, followed by others of his bandmates like V in second place, Jimin in 4, Suck in position # 7, Jin at number nine, RM # 10 and J-Hope at # 11.

This is how Jungkook proves his popularity once again and reigns everywhere, either virtually or really, JK he has the world at his feet.

Although did you know that Jungkook has a dark past as a fan of horoscopes? He was going to become a Walter Mercado, typical of Virgo LOL.



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