Jungkook and Anitta Rock the Stage at Musical Marathon: Highlights and Powerful Messages for a Sustainable Future

Jungkook and Anitta Rock the Stage at Musical Marathon: Highlights and Powerful Messages for a Sustainable Future

Jungkook, from the K-pop group BTS, and Brazilian Anitta performed as the opening act of this musical marathon. Covered in a poncho, the spectators went wild when Jungkook performed his most famous hits, including “Still With You”.

Dressed in faded jeans and a brown shirt, the South Korean megastar reminded his fans of the need to “make an impact together to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to basic rights like food and education.

Even though he wasn’t announced as a headliner, Jungkook’s performance was one of the highlights of the evening. Many soaked spectators left the Manhattan park just at the end of his time on stage, while the festival was still scheduled to last three hours.

Earlier, Anitta let loose on stage with her impressive twerks and dance show, performing hits such as her recent ‘Funk Rave’.

Brazil’s biggest pop star has drawn attention to the importance of protecting the Amazon rainforest, reminding people that it is “the lungs of our planet.”

Before kicking off her concert, she called on governments to do more to “protect the people there, the indigenous people, the communities… whose only reality is the Amazon.”

Rappers such as Busta Rhymes and Common paid tribute to hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, which is one of several events held in New York in recent months.

Headliners Lauryn Hill and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were scheduled to perform next.

Gift from France

The festival, which has taken place since 2012 when world leaders gather in New York during the United Nations General Assembly, offers free tickets to activists who commit to taking action, such as writing to their leaders to demand an increase in international development aid.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced via video at the festival the payment of $150 million to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), which is currently the highest amount pledged by a government.

“We must fight together against poverty, climate change and for biodiversity,” Mr Macron said. “That’s why we also want to play our role.”

IFAD, headquartered in Rome, is a United Nations agency whose mission is to fight poverty and hunger in rural areas of developing countries.

Global Citizen welcomed the French commitment in a statement, adding that “much remains to be done to provide crucial support to millions of smallholder farmers around the world, who produce 70% of food in low-income countries low or intermediate”.

The NGO also announced that Norway had committed to paying $90 million to IFAD.

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