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Krattigen community | March 21, 2021

The local council reorganized itself at its first meeting after the elections and also defined a strategy. He wants to offer contemporary services and ensure efficient processes.

The municipality of Krattigen above Lake Thun.Foto: Nora Devenish

The municipal council has been under the new line-up since January and is on the road in the first year of the legislature 2021-2024. As reported by the municipality, the departments were distributed as follows: Stephan Luginbühl, President of the Municipality and Municipal Council, is responsible for the “Presidential Affairs” department as well as the “Civil Engineering and Environment” department; Lukas Bühler the “Real Estate Construction and Planning” department; Martina Gfeller the department «Social Affairs / Tourism / Public Transport»; Daniel Kummer the department «Finances / Forestry and Agriculture / Trade»; Silvia Luginbühl the department «Education / Security». Lukas Bühler will take over the vice-presidency unchanged, and the deputies within the departments have been determined.

Strategy set

At the annual closed meeting, according to the announcement, the municipal council “defined the strategy and confirmed the mission statement with its previous content.” The medium and long-term organization of the building administration is to be reviewed. And the local council plans to «expand the management level. In this way, he wants to ensure that contemporary services can be offered and efficient processes can be ensured. “

Start of construction for the group rooms

As the community further informs, on March 8th the extension of the group rooms at the Krattigen school building “started according to plan.” The community assembly approved the required loan of 520,000 francs last year. The project will be carried out in several stages. The best possible consideration is given to school operations. “In particular, the aim is to use the school holidays intensively for construction work. The extension is to be handed over to the Krattigen school for use after the summer holidays.

Church needs to improve

On June 24, 2020, the municipal assembly decided on the partial revision of the local planning and submitted it to the Office for Municipalities and Regional Planning for approval. After examining the documents, the canton informed the municipality in mid-December 2020 that “approval reservations have been established which the municipality has to correct,” says the message.

After consulting with the involved planner, the municipal council partially amended the building regulations and asked the canton to make the remaining largely formal adjustments by the canton as part of the ex officio approval. The response from the canton is expected to be received by the municipality after Easter.

Drüü-Rad-Esstival and village festival

Krattiger should remember the following dates:

  • The local council supports Krattigen Tourismus again this year with a financial contribution for the implementation of the Drüü-Rad-Esstival on the weekend of August 14th and 15th. The village festival also takes place at the same time.
  • Congregational meetings are scheduled for June 2nd and November 26th, provided that the meeting can be held in the usual manner.
Temporary support for construction management

The municipality also provided information on the following topics:

  • The construction management is temporarily supported by Sabine Breitenstein in the area of ​​”construction and planning”. She works at Syntas Solutions AG in Bern. Hans Ruedi Beutler continues to be responsible for the “Civil Engineering and Environment” department. He also runs the field services and is responsible for the community properties.
  • The municipality of Krattigen is a new member of the Pro Senectute Frutigland-Niedersimmental association. The association pursues a charitable purpose and supports the activities of Pro Senectute in the region and helps Pro Senectute Kanton Bern to establish local networks and to announce the range of services.
  • Giovanna Perren from the Thunersee Praxis Perren in Krattigen was appointed as the successor to school doctor Heinz Gertsch, who had supported the community for years.


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