Jungfrau Zeitung – Lok’s recovery comes too late

UHC Thun | 25. October 2022

UHC Thun first team lost 8: 9 away to newly promoted Reinach. The Oberlanders have not found an answer to the quick change of play of the opponent for over 40 minutes. The race to come back in the last third comes too late and not enough for the points at the end.

Luc Grunder of Thun fights for the ball.Photo: zvg

The people of Thun took a cold shower in Reinach on Sunday evening in the first third. In attack it was difficult to create good scoring chances against Lok’s compact defense. Without the ball, the Bernese Oberland acted extremely negligently. It has been speculated on the steps and has often been moved at the wrong time. Also, the Thuner lacked the toughness needed in duels.

So you played Reinach in the middle of the cards. The home team led one counterattack after another and took advantage of it cold. After 20 minutes, Thun was 1: 4 behind. Guests also did not find the grade later. There was growing frustration in the Thun ranks, which resulted in unnecessary penalties. Reinach also took advantage and led 6: 2 after 40 minutes.

“During the first two thirds we were unable to complete what we had planned to do,” explains a disappointed Tobias Baumann after the match. “Only in the last third were we able to change gear. Unfortunately, this performance boost came too late. “

There was no sign of an increase shortly after the reboot. Thun conceded 2: 7 in the 41st minute. After that, however, we were finally able to shift gears. During the attack, the Thun locomotive was sometimes really crushed. Furthermore, the opponent’s rapid game change was finally under control. With 79 seconds left, Thun was only 6: 9 behind.

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Now everything has been thrown forward! And in fact, thanks to goals from Ondrej Papousek and Tobias Baumann, Thun reached 8: 9. However, it wasn’t enough for more. The mortgage in the first 40 minutes was too big in the end, despite a lot of morale in the last third. «The disappointment is enormous. This defeat is extremely annoying, ”continued Baumann. “Now we can use the long break from the World Cup to work on this and draw the right lessons from it.”

Due to the men’s world floorball championship in Switzerland, the first team will not be available until the weekend of 19/20. November (away against ULA and Ad Astra) is back in action. Time to take a break and recharge your batteries.

UHC Lok Reinach – UHC Thun match telegram

UHC Reinach locomotive – UHC Thun: 9: 8 (4: 1, 2: 1, 3: 6)

Ort: Pfrundmatt, Reinach AG – 130 spectators. – RS Stäheli / Zähnler.

Tore 4. T. Vojtisek (P. Krebs) 1: 0. 7. Art. Frey (P. Richner) 2: 0. 15. J. Pluhar (T. Baumann) 2: 1. 19. J. Sommerhalder 3: 1. 20. P. Krebs (T. Vojtisek) 4: 1. 21. Y. Zimmermann (V. Kopecky) 4: 2. 33. M. Pedersen (O. Reidy) 5: 2. 40. T. Vojtisek (An. Frey) 6: 2. 41. M. Pedersen 7: 2. 44. T. Baumann 7: 3. 44. M. Pedersen 8: 3. 45. O. Papousek (D. Küenzi) 8: 4. 53. T. Baumann (J. Würz) 8: 5. 55. L. Grunder (J. Würz) 8: 6. 59. T. Vojtisek (A. Keusch) 9: 6. 59. O. Papousek (J. Pluhar) 9: 7. 60. T. Baumann (J. Würz) 9: 8.

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Thun: Aubert E, Wanzenried A, Würz J, Zimmermann Y, Küenzi D, Schwendimann T, Zbinden M, Wiedmer T, Kopecky V, Bieri E, Küenzi R, Ruch S, L. Grunder, T Baumann, D Bolliger, M Aebersold, J Pluhar, Y Jost, O Papousek, J Lehto, T Wölfli, J Saurer.

To punish: 2 x 2 minutes against UHC Lok Reinach. 2 x 2 minutes against UHC Thun.

Bad: M. Weber, J. Moser, R. Graber, Y. Bärtschi

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