Jungfrau Zeitung – library and administration has new photovoltaic system

Spiez | December 25, 2021

Among other things, the Spiez library has received a new photovoltaic system.Photo: David Heinen

The municipality of Spiez has approved several loan statements. Among other things, a photovoltaic system (74 kWp) for the library, games library and administration in Spiez for a cost of 80,090 francs. The loan provided for an amount of 82,000 francs. In addition, the municipal council approved the credit settlement of 185,260 francs for the renovation and optimization measures for the Skatepark Bay, with an amount of 187,400 francs planned. The replacement purchase for the gate of the vehicle depot at Werkhof Spiez cost 47,969 francs, the loan amounted to 48,000 francs. There was also a shortfall in the credit for the renovation of the floor of the vehicle hall and the external closings of the Spiez depot, which amounted to 172,095 francs and the credit was 177,000 francs.

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