Jungfrau Zeitung – Bern beats Lugano, Biel with a spectacular upset

Flowers in Bern have the upper hand | January 7, 2023

The games on Friday night in the National League offered a lot of excitement, also from the point of view of the Bernese clubs. While SC Bern didn’t miss a beat against Lugano, EHC Biel also celebrated after a brilliant comeback.

It hasn’t often happened in recent years that SCB has been able to celebrate a victory in Lugano.Photos: Keystone, Ti-Press, Samuel Golay

SC Bern achieved a rare 3-0 victory in Lugano. After five previous defeats, the Bernese are not losing on the ice of the Ticino Resega for the first time since 22 February 2020 (6-0).

Toni Söderholm’s side, who have been in charge of the Bern side since the end of last year, laid the foundations for this rare sense of accomplishment with a mid-game double strike, in which the visitors dominated. National defender Ramon Untersander and Swede Oscar Lindberg made it 2-0 with their goals in 70 seconds. The 3:0 and thus the final decision by top scorer Chris DiDomenico fell into an empty net.

In the standings, stay in the leading group. And while we’re on the subject of the top group: SCB are now facing a difficult home game against leaders Geneva on Saturday evening, who celebrated a 4-2 win against Lausanne in the derby.

Match telegram

HC Lugano – SC Bern: 0:3 (0:0, 0:2, 0:1)

5090 spectators. – SR Wiegand/Hungerbühler, Wolf/Urfer.

Bull: 30. (29:31) Untersander (Baumgartner) 0:1. 31. (30:41) Lindberg (Colin Gerber) 0:2. 60. (59:26) DiDomenico 0: 3 (with an empty net). – Penalties: 3 x 2 minutes against Lugano, 2 x 2 minutes against Bern.

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Postfinance top scorer: Connolly; By Domenico.

HC Lugano: Koskinen; Wing it, Mirco Müller; Andersson, Riva; Wolf, War; Ugazzi; Marco Müller, Arcobello, Bennett; Connolly, Herburger, Carr; Fazzini, Thürkauf, Josephs; Zanetti, Morini, Jeremi Gerber; Bedolla.

HC Bern: beef; Untersander, Colin Gerber; Goloubef, Zgraggen; Pinana, Beat Gerber; FULLEMANN; Fahrni, Lindberg, Moser; DiDomenico, Bader, Ritzmann; Parasites, Sceviour, Scherwey; Fuss, Baumgartner, Ennis; Ryser.

Remarks: Lugano without Granlund, Patry and Walker (all injured), Bern without Bärtschi, Gelinas, Mika Henauer, Kahun, Lehmann and Loeffel (all injured). Lugano from 57:40 to 59:26 without goalkeeper.

Newly promoted Kloten looked the sure winners for a long time but then the Seelanders hit the ice and time and time again.

Newly promoted Kloten looked the sure winners for a long time but then the Seelanders hit the ice and several times.Photo: Trapeze, Peter Schneider

Flip and hat-trick

Meanwhile, the EHC Biel match was spectacular and ultimately successful. The Seelanders got into trouble at the start against the newly promoted Kloten and were clearly 1:4 behind before starting a really important game to recover. Biel was able to get close to 4:4 and finally even won the game. The winning goal in Biel to make it 5-4 was scored by the Swede Jesper Olofsson in extra time, which made him score a hat-trick.

Like the SCB, the Bielers remain in the leading group and are also the first pursuers in western Switzerland from Geneva. In today’s duel, the winner of the Spengler Cup 2022, HC Ambri-Piotta awaits away.

Match telegram

EHC Bienne – EHC Kloten: 5:4 (1:2, 3:2, 0:0, 1:0) nv

6241 spectators (sold out). – SR Piechaczek/Urban, Kehrli/Duc.

Bull: 11. Meyer (Kellenberger) 0:1. 17. (16:10) Olofsson (Haas) 1:1. 18. (5:36) Loosli (Randegger, Ness) 1:2. 26. (25:12) Ekestahl-Jonsson (Aaltonen, Ang/a 5 against 3) 1:3. 27. (26:38) Schreiber (Ruotsalainen, Ekestahl-Jonsson/Powerplaytor) 1:4. 29. Olofsson (Rathgeb/Powerplaytor) 2:4. 34. (33:21) Cunti (Künzle, Brunner) 3:4. 34. (33:35) Hofer (Haas) 4:4. 61. (60:44) Olofsson (Haas) 5:4.

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To punish: 4 x 2 minutes against Biel, 3 x 2 minutes against Kloten.

Postfinance top scorer: Hofer; The.

EHC Biel: Knight; Rathgeb, Lööv; Yakovenko, Grossmann; Delémont, Forster; stampede; Hischier, Sallinen, Rajala; Hofer, Haas, Olofsson; Brunner, Cunti, Künzle; Tanner, Froidevaux, Kessler; sleepy

EHC Kloten: Zurkirchen; Ekestahl-Jonsson, Pelton; Randegger, Kellenberger; Nodari, Steiner; babyshi; Ang, Aaltonen, Ruotsalainen; Meyer, Faille, Marchon; Derungs, Bougro, scribes; Obrist, Ness, Loosli; Simic.

Remarks: Biel without Bärtschi, Schneeberger, Sheahan and Säteri (all injured), Kloten without Capaul and Schmaltz (both injured).

played on friday

EHC Biel – EHC Kloten, 5:4 (1:2, 3:2, 0:0, 1:0) nv

HC Davos – SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, 5:4 (2:1, 0:3, 2:0, 0:0) no. P.

HC Freiburg-Gottéron – HC Ambri-Piotta, 6:1 (2:0, 2:0, 2:1)

Geneva-Servette HC – Lausanne HC, 4:2 (1:0, 2:1, 1:1)

HC Lugano – SC Bern 0:3 (0:0, 0:2, 0:1)

ZSC Lions vs HC Ajoie, 2:3 (0:2, 0:0, 2:1)

National League Tables

Sound Squad Games Ripped Points
1 Geneva-Servette HC 34 119:82 69
2 EHC Bienne 34 115:85 67
3 ZSC Lions 33 102:70 62
4 SC Bern 35 104:99 57
5 SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 34 113:89 56
7 HC Freiburg-Gotteron 31 89:73 54
6 HC Davos 33 101:93 54
8 Electric train 32 104:104 49
9 EHC Kloten 34 86:115 47
10 HC Lugano 32 89:98 41
11 SCL Tigers 33 80:134 40
12 HC Ambri-Piotta 34 97:110 40
13 Lausanne HC 34 86:110 37
14 HC Ajoie 35 84:136 29

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