Jun-Byeong Yoon, who said, “The document of the late government’s nuclear power plant,”

Jun-Byeong Yoon, a member of the Democratic Party. News 1

Democratic Party lawmaker Yoon Joon-byeong, who argued that the North Korean nuclear power plant construction document was’written by the Park Geun-hye administration’, stepped back, saying, “It was an inference that it would have been reviewed during the Park Geun-hye administration.”

Rep. Yoon told Yonhap News on the 31st, “Even if it was written at the time of the Moon Jae-in administration, the series of processes was highly likely to have been made by reviewing and collecting the contents discussed from before.” Earlier, when the Ministry of Industry drew a line saying, “It is not the data that was reviewed or created from the Park Geun-hye administration,” this reaction was made.

He made a new assertion that “there are 530 files deleted by public officials of the Ministry of Industry, and some of them have been reviewed since the time of the Park Geun-hye administration, such as the theory of unification.”

He added, “If you infer, the content (in the document) was reviewed as an extension from the previous government,” he added. “So, it is only a series of policy data that were continued independently from the time of writing the document.”

Rep. Yoon said, “I don’t (I didn’t see it),” and “I don’t know the details of the document.”

Reporter Seok-Hyun Ko [email protected]

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