July 20 Incident: History of the First Human Landing on the Moon, Here’s the Journey

Merdeka.com – As is known, humans continue to develop science and technology for an increasingly advanced and better world life. That way, humans can create various kinds of useful innovations to help work and solve problems that are often encountered in everyday life.

Not only that, the development of science and technology is also carried out to answer curiosity about things that have never been known before. One example is when astronauts conduct research on other planets or satellites of the earth to find out natural conditions and the potential for life that exists.

This is like what the United States astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin, who managed to make the first landing on the moon in 1969. Of course, this became one of the important history in human life that opened other researches in outer space. No wonder, the events that happened to 20th of July this is still remembered today.

For those of you who are interested in science and the world of outer space, the history of the first human landing on the moon is very interesting to observe. It can also be an inspiration for the younger generation to develop science and technology for a better future.

Launching from History, here we summarize history of the events of July 20, the first human landing on the moon that you can watch.



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