Julión Álvarez appears as a surprise at the XV years party

Julian Alvarez appeared unexpectedly in a XV years party in Guadalajarawhere he began to dance and sing with the party and guests.

Through TikTok, the fifteen-year-old and one of her friends shared the Julion Alvarez video at the XV years party.

As reflected in the recordings, Julión Álvarez did not hesitate to join the party and take photos with the guests who they were shocked to see it.

Julión Álvarez arrives as a surprise to the XV years party

Julian Alvarez He returned to his musical life stronger than ever, and it seems that he also wants to regain closeness with his fans.

This was demonstrated by the singer when he appeared, surprisingly, in a XV years party in Guadalajara.

Julión Álvarez at XV years party (berebecka_chaidezz / TikTok)

Via TikTok, one of the guests at the event shared every detail of Julión Álvarez’s “private show”; which took most of the guests off guard.

“I was going to go to XV when out of nowhere they told me that Julión Álvarez was going to go.”

TikTok user

Julión Álvarez at XV years party

Julión Álvarez at XV years party (berebecka_chaidezz / TikTok)

Rebecka’s XV years party was held in a terrace room in Guadalajara.

Although everyone seemed to enjoy the event, most were looking forward to seeing the surprise artist.

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Suddenly the team Julian Alvarez began to take place and they asked the guests to leave a free space on the dance floor.

Julión Álvarez at XV years party

Julión Álvarez at XV years party (@username27060122 / TikTok)

Julión Álvarez appeared in the center of the dance floor, wishing the fifteen-year-old a happy birthday.

“Like when your XV are and everything is normal, but you end up dancing with Julión Álvarez,” wrote the celebrated in the viral video.

Julian Alvarez he sang a couple of hits, like ‘Terrenal’ and ‘El amor de su vida’. Also, she danced with Rebecka in her XV years party.

Music by Julión Álvarez is now available on Spotify

In 2017, in the midst of legal problems, Julión Álvarez gave a pause forced to his musical career.

This resulted in the artist’s songs being removed from streaming platforms such as Spotify.

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Julian Alvarez (@lospasosdejulion / Instagram)

After clarifying his legal situation, Julión Álvarez announced that his music is already available on spotify officially.

The singer stressed that his record company was in charge of carrying out the entire process that was needed.

“It’s officially over, legal music, with the permits. It is something that we can sing as one more victory.”

Julian Alvarez

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