Julien Fournier and the “INEOS fantasy”

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No, OGC Nice will not attract top players in its nets. In an interview with Nice morning this Tuesday, Julien Fournier wanted to clarify the Nice project since the arrival of INEOS last summer. “The club must become credible in the eyes of the great players. We do not yet exist at the national and international level for the very high level. That’s why I fought the INEOS fantasy”, indicates the director football from the Gym.

Market ended?

“Otherwise, we had to do like the PSG who had overpaid Pastore, Ibrahimovic or Thiago Silva, proclaims Julien Fournier. It is not the same project. At the time, there was no financial fair play. INEOS is not a company that is there to sign checks. They want to build something lasting, not a bubble. The players at fifty million euros, that is not the project. We tried to ‘explain but some people communicate for us. The Ratcliffe family loves sport, the link is permanent. Jean-Pierre (Rivère) could not have found better for OGC Nice “, he believes, before discussing the next goals of the Riviera club.

Fifth in the last championship and therefore qualified for the next Europa League, the training coached by Patrick Vieira “wants to be in the competition with the eight teams which are targeting Europe, says Julien Fournier. Monaco finished 9th, Lyon 7th, they will be there. this season. I recall that ten years ago, we were part of the teams scheduled to play maintenance. Everyone was talking about Ligue 2 and the disaster scenario. ” And if he evokes a “happy qualification”, the Nice leader ensures that he has “stolen nothing” and “that we will not travel to take pictures in the stadiums and exchange jerseys, as in 2016.” Active during the first phase of the transfer window, the Gym has also “very probably” finished with its recruitment, finished Julien Fournier.




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