Julien Doré moved: he witnesses a marriage proposal during his concert

In the middle of a concert at the arenas of Nîmes this Thursday, June 30, Julien Doré lent his microphone to one of his spectators, so that he would ask his companion to marry. A great story, reported by France Bleu this Friday, July 1.

Julien Dore is not about to forget his concert at the arenas of Nîmes. And for good reason, coming to perform in the city of Gard on Thursday June 30, the singer lived a marriage proposal live from the stage. An exceptional event that the artist wanted to share with his audience, and that our colleagues from France Blue this July 1. This ” total surprise », Philippe, a 47-year-old Ardéchois, reserved it for his companion Marjorie, with the help of the interpreter of Coco Cuddle. Came in contact three months earlier with the ex-winner of The New Starthe future groom worked out the details of his request in secret, without the one who shared his life for five years and he knows since high school do not suspect anything.

While this June 30, the live of Julien Doré and Clara Luciani was in full swing, the songwriter interrupts his tribute to singer Christophe. Marjorie then saw Philippe on the screen, bathed in the light of the projectors, who asked her on the microphone: ” Marjorie, my love. I like you. Would you marry me ? Do you want to be my wife? “And the interested party, moved, to accept in front of an audience of cheerful fans. A romantic act immortalized by Gard objectivewhich Philippe does not regret: “I wanted it to be a little improbable moment […] it would never have been possible without the agreement of Julien Doré “, he assures on France Bleu Gard Lozere. Satisfied with his exchanges with the 39-year-old singer, he adds: « Humanly, he is someone simple, sincere. If he agreed to do that, it’s not to create a buzz, I think it touched him. »

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Julien Doré, craftsman of successful requests since 2018

If, however, Marjorie feels that the man she loves could not ask her better: Clara Luciani and Julien’s concert is our story. Some of their songs stick completely to our history “, she testifies at the microphone of the regional radio, the operation almost did not see the light of day. Indeed, several events could have spoiled the surprise. In addition to showers anda technical problem occurred on D-Day, a message from the manager of Julien Doré, received by Philippe on the way to the show would have given him cold sweats. Despite the fear that Marjorie would discover the pot of roses, the latter knew nothing about it and Philippe managed to settle the final preparations with his interlocutor. The couple planned to unite next year in Villeneuve-de-Berg, a small town in Ardèche.

Julien Doré either did not remain insensitive to this request. On his Twitter account on July 1, the musician called his Nîmes concert the ” stronger, […] crazier & […] most beautiful of [sa] vie “. As reported France Blue in 2018, the star, known for his benevolence and his sense of repartee, had already allowed one of his acquaintances to offer an exceptional moment to the chosen one of his heart. At the time, a certain Max Pen, a young Catalan singer-songwriter – whom he faced in the Nouvelle Star final in 2007 – was able to kneel down in the middle of his colleague’s live at the Olympia, in order to ask Élise, his partner , in marriage. A generosity that honors the ex-boyfriend of actress Marina Hands, who became the father of a little boy in 2021.

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