Julian Vahle lives with girlfriend: ‘Linda de Mol is a super nice mother-in-law’

After breaking up with cinema icon Leonardo DiCaprio (48), supermodel Chelsey Weimar (26) returned to the Netherlands and fell in love with Julian Vahle (25), son of Linda de Mol. “We’ve been together for almost three years and we’re really happy,” Chelsey tells Story. “I like being in a long-term relationship. Julian and I now live together and we really like it.’

Mother-in-law Linda

The couple live in the house that Linda previously bought for Julian. Does Chelsey get along with Linda? “She IS a super nice mother-in-law.” Through her relationship with Julian, Chelsey is now part of one of the most talked about families in Dutch show business. For example, Johnny de Mol was recently discredited due to alleged abuse of his ex-girlfriend Shima Kaes, and Linda de Mol was the subject of discussion due to her bitter breakup with musician Jeroen Rietbergen, who was accused of sexually transgressive behavior at The Voice of Holland. Does Chelsey notice? ‘No, I’m just a down-to-earth Dutchman, I’m not surprised by anything. I’ve actually never done that. None of that matters to me.’

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