Julian Nagelsmann’s clothing style, is it cool?


RB Leipzig not only gaining attention because of being defeated Manchester United with a landslide score. Coach dress style Julian Nagelsmann also discussed.

Leipzig tried to continue their good start when they visited Old Trafford on Thursday (29/10/2020) in the early hours of WIB, on the second matchday of the Champions League Group H. But, Leipzig was unable to survive MU’s attack from the first minute.

After conceding just one goal in the first half, Leipzig even conceded four goals in the final 30 minutes of the game through Marcus Rashford’s three goals and an Anthony Martial penalty. Leipzig suffered their biggest defeat in Europe with a score of 0-5.

This crushing defeat certainly disappointed Leipzig supporters. However, the story that Leipzig brought home was not only the 0-5 result, there was also the dress style of his coach, Nagelsmann, which became a byword on social media.

Nagelsmann wears a black shirt with a gray tie. Then, she wore a black vest to wrap it, plus a slim fit suit, which followed her slender figure.

Then the top suit was combined with black bottoms and black shoes. Nagelsmann’s dress style was considered too stylish for the coach in general. Moreover, Nagelsmann does not want to attend a party, but a football match as important as the Champions League.

“Don’t talk about my clothes all the time. I wear what I like. I am a football coach, not a model,” Nagelsmann told Sky Germany.

In fact, Nagelsmann’s striking style has been seen since last season’s Champions League. In the semi-final match against Paris Saint-Germain at that time, Nagelsmann wore a suit with loose pants above his ankles and wore casual shoes. The pants and jacket are gray with matching motifs.

Nagelsmann’s outfit against PSG in last season’s Champions League semifinals Photo: Getty Images / David Ramos

According to Nagelsmann, sometimes he does have a special dress theme for certain days that he considers special.

“I also have a special shirt for Wednesday. Trouser (pants that do not cover the entire leg) is not special. It is not as special as the costume against PSG, but okay. It’s British style,” he explained.

“My friend sent me a message about it and also a picture from Instagram. It doesn’t matter. I just laughed at it. I just wore the clothes I liked and in the end I tried to do my best.

But, what is special, according to Nagelsmann, has even gone viral on social media as below. How do you think Nagelsmann’s dress style was?

Julian Nagelsmann's clothing styleJulian Nagelsmann’s clothing style Photo: Twitter
Julian Nagelsmann's clothing styleJulian Nagelsmann’s clothing style Photo: Twitter
Julian Nagelsmann's clothing styleJulian Nagelsmann’s clothing style Photo: Twitter

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