Julia Wieniawa spent a fortune on plants on the terrace

Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz (listen!) cannot be accused of overly caring about the development of his acting technique, but he poses better and better on the walls. It looks so good that delighted manufacturers of hair dyes, nail polishes, bathing suits, smartphones, jewelry and shoes are willing to offer it advertising contracts. Thanks to the money she earned, Julia can stop bothering with stressful castings and settle for the current one “Intuitive” acting.

Admittedly, after passing her high school final exams, she wondered in interviews whether it was better to apply to study acting in Warsaw or Krakow, or maybe go to New York and enroll in Lee Strasberg’s school there, but eventually decided not to bother with education. And without it, the advertising business is great.

Earned money young celebrity invests in real estate. During her short career, she managed to buy and furnish two more apartments, which, however, did not meet her strict requirements. In this situation, she had no choice but to buy a third one. A duplex apartment with a roof terrace spent PLN 2 million, not including the cost of renovation and finishing. She did not regret the money for them either. As she revealed, the inspiration was the Balinese style. Julia is fascinated the apartment of the photographer Marcin Tyszka, drowning in exotic vegetation.

The new Wieniawa apartment is also green. The young celebrity emphasizes that he deals with plants generously. At InstaStories, he shares his methods for keeping them in good health and condition. She especially recommends wiping leaves with banana peels. As she revealed in one of the videos:

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The undoubted advantage of the Wieniawa apartment is the huge terrace. There, the celebrity relaxes and practices yoga. The terrace also predominates exotic vegetation, but in a frost-resistant version. Although gardeners advise to keep a distance to this frost resistance, because the temperature limits given by sellers often have nothing to do with the real resistance of the palm tree, but the Wieniawa plants have endured two fussy Polish winters, so they probably got used to it.

Of course, transferring the climate of Bali to Warsaw’s Żoliborz costs money. For one, relatively grown, frost-resistant yucca you have to pay from 3,000. zlotys upwards, and Juli has a few of them. As estimated by “Super Express”, Wieniawa plants alone can spend up to 50 thousand. zlotys. Fortunately, the poor did not hit …

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