Julia Navarro.- And the new music plays

MADRID, 17 ago. (OTR / Push) –

I have the sensation that this summer season a very good part of Western culture, we study Europeans and North People, sail on the Titanic and we giggle, dance, aspiration as the good iceberg of the disaster techniques that we have persisted in ignoring. Or possibly we don’t dismiss it and that’s why we have made the decision to hold dancing, as if we know this will be our previous dance in the facial area of what is actually coming to us.

In 1914, no European could consider that the assassination of Archduke Francesco Ferdinando would trigger what was known as the To start with Globe War. The earth appeared to go mad and the powers of the time lined up against every other, turning Europe into a battlefield watered by the blood of contenders, the blood of anonymous citizens who normally die.

We are experiencing an vitality disaster that principally fears us Europeans, caused by the truth that a European country, Russia, has invaded an additional European nation, Ukraine. From this fact the scenario provoked is shaken by uncertainty. Something can occur and due to the fact anything can occur it looks that at least in our nation, the rulers and the governed, we have made a decision to ignore the fact.

It is not a question of remaining prophets of doom but, possibly, a minimal more careful and, for this, it would be required for our premier to stop remaining in “electoral mode”, anxious about winning the future elections to carry on as a tenant in Moncloa.

In the meantime we slumber to the sound of summer tunes, disregarding what could happen to us and then making the most of the summer months as if deep down we know that it is irreversible to hit the iceberg, at which level the songs will cease. Dream.

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