Julia Królikowska and Jakub Nowak in the first photo together after the wedding

This year in the Królikowski family is marked by sumptuous weddings. In August, Antek Królikowski and Joanna Opozda told each other the sacramental “yes”.

The actress at the wedding looked phenomenal. Lots of stars appeared at the party, among them Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan and Radosław Majdan.

It was completely different in the case of the wedding of the “Klan” star. Julia Królikowska and her chosen one, Jakub Nowak, decided to hold the ceremony without publicity. Although there was a lot of interest in the event, the bride and groom did not publish photos of the ceremony on the web.

In this they were handled by their relatives …

Now, a few days after the wedding, the couple published the first joint photo. In the photo, the lovers look straight into each other’s eyes, and there is a smile on their faces.

The couple posed in lovely T-shirts with the words “husband” and “wife”.

Let us remind you that Julia’s beloved is an athlete specializing in medium and long runs.

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