Julia Helena Bernhart and Haein Youn sing Fauré – SWR2

It was good to study in Trossingen because …

Julia: The Black Forest is my home and it was great for me to come back after studying in Leipzig and a stopover in Hamburg. I love my home and the people there. In Trossingen I had an incredible amount of peace and quiet to try things out, to develop myself, and I particularly like the family atmosphere at the university.
In addition, there is a lot on offer musically in southern Germany. Especially in the concert area, I had the opportunity to sing very, very many concerts.

Haein: Trossingen is a very quiet, beautiful, small town. That means, when you study in Trossingen, you can concentrate very well on your music and of course on your studies. And you can build your own music world with beautiful nature.

What would your ideal concert look like?

Haein: The ideal concert is communication. Big stage and big opera house is nice too, but I think it’s nicer to come into direct contact with the audience. It’s also nice when you can show different things on stage. Not only singing, but also acting or dancing.

Julia: An ideal concert for me would be free from all restrictions and masks. All people are welcome. No matter what origin, what belief or ideology. A place of gathering and fellowship. It takes place in a castle. Preferably on the island of Mainau, where I was always with my grandparents as a child.

I make music with a small ensemble (similar to the recording) and only sing repertoire that I enjoy. Everyone is crying and laughing and afterwards there is a party in the castle garden with free beer and food for everyone.

If there was a book about you, what title (and subtitle) would it be?

Julia: Spot on! – Show yourself as you are and heal yourself –

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I am the host of my own podcast (Spot on!), Where I give psychological tips for singers and musicians on all topics that deal with the stage and life around it. It is very important to me to create awareness and make the classical music industry more “human”. Most musicians, but also everyone else, adapt to please. You don’t dare to really be yourself. But when you do that and show yourself vulnerable, both in personal life and on stage, real healing takes place. Both with the artist and with the audience.

Haein: Heain Youn is HEAIN YOUN. (Subtitle: My five thousand three hundred brain cell 朗)


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