JUL is very dominant!

Jul is very much at the top of streaming listeners with his new album Far from the world. We take stock of aficia.

Each week aficia invites you to take stock of the titles that are a hit in streaming. To take stock, we offer you a focus on the scores of your artists since Spotify France.

And for week 52, from Friday December 18 to Thursday December 24, 2020, it is JUL which appears at the top with the release of his new album Far from the world.

Jul at the top …

Jul had the opportunity to take first place in Top Streaming with the collective 13 Organized and the tube “Organized Band”. The track is ranked N ° 2 this week after 11 weeks of presence in the Top and a total of 30,376,041 plays…

And it is indeed Jul who occupies the first place of the podium this week with the title “Mother Fuck”Which he shares with SCH. Entered No. 2 last week, the track shows a progression of 420,859 plays in one week. In detail, it displays 2,378,470 streams this week and 4,336,081 since its release.

The last step of the podium is occupied by the alliance between Dua Lipa and Angela. The title “Fever”Remains third with 1,877,561 streams, 59,152 more than last week. After 8 weeks in Top Streaming, the title now has 14,903,554 streams.


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