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Vitamin preparations from the famous northern berry.

Lingonberry berries contain vitamins C, PP, B1, carotene and other substances useful to humans. The product has disinfecting properties, is used as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent for kidney stones, cystitis, pyelitis. Vitamin tea with lingonberries is recommended for children and weakened people.



Utensils: a cooking pot, jars for storing compote (0.5, 1 and / or 3 liters).

Composition (for about 1 can with a capacity of 0.5 l):

  • water 350 ml;
  • sugar 400 g;
  • citric acid 1/2 tsp;
  • lingonberry.


The berries are washed and dried. Syrup is brewed from water and sugar. When it boils, berries are dipped into the pan in batches, boiled for four minutes and poured into jars.

When all the lingonberries are prepared, acid is added to the syrup (it is recommended to remove the foam from the liquid) and poured into jars with berries. The compote is pasteurized at a temperature of 85 degrees: half-liter cans – ten minutes, liter cans – fifteen, three-liter cans – up to half an hour.


Lingonberry in its own juice

Utensils: a saucepan with a lid, containers for storing the workpiece.


  • 1 kg of lingonberries;
  • half a kilo of sugar;
  • a few tablespoons of water.

Prepared berries (they need to be washed and dried) and water are placed in a saucepan, heated until the juice appears. The pan must be covered with a lid during cooking. Next, the lingonberries are boiled, stirring constantly, until the mass thickens. Add granulated sugar (in parts), cook for another 10 minutes. The resulting foam must be removed.


The berries are removed and sent to a container for storage. The syrup is boiled, lingonberries are poured over it. The cans are sealed immediately after pouring and turned over with the lids down. In this position, they must be left until they cool.

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