“Juergen Klopp on Liverpool’s Failed Hunt for Jude Bellingham”


Juergen Klopp talk about leaving Liverpool from hunting Jude Bellingham. According to him, not all players can be easily hooked by the Reds.

Bellingham is indeed Liverpool’s main target this summer, who needs a refresher in midfield because of the large number of players over 30 years old. That line has been one of the problems with Liverpool’s declining performance this season.

Bellingham, who is only 19 years old and has an English passport, is a suitable choice, considering that he can play in various positions. However, Liverpool have a big obstacle to be able to hook the Borussia Dortmund player.

Bellingham costs around 130 million pounds and also asks for a big salary if he moves to a new club next season. Therefore, Liverpool chose to withdraw because they felt they did not have as big funds as Real Madrid or Manchester City who were also after him.

Liverpool’s withdrawal immediately disappointed the fans, because Liverpool actually had to go after Bellingham because they needed new energy in the midfield.

John W Henry as the club owner again became the target of Liverpool’s fire, because it was considered that he did not want to sacrifice much to increase the team’s achievements next season.

Regarding Liverpool’s cancellation of buying Bellingham, Klopp did not want to say much. He also likened this transfer rumor to a five-year-old boy asking for a Ferrari as a Christmas gift, an alias impossible to do.

“Honestly, I have nothing to say about that (Bellingham transfer). If we never talk about the players we will buy or not buy, then why comment on this kind of speculation?” Klopp said. ESPN.

“It’s not about Jude Bellingham, but I’ve never understood why we talk about things we can’t theoretically have. We can’t buy six players for £100 million each. That’s for sure.”

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“We’re not kids. Just ask a five-year-old for their Christmas present and they’ll say a Ferrari, you can’t say that’s a great idea because they’re too expensive and you can’t drive one.”

“We always try to get what we need and want. But for now we have to accept that and step back.”

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