Judiciary seizes 375 kilograms of cocaine in a banana container in Lisbon – News

In a statement, the PJ announced that through the National Unit to Combat Narcotics Trafficking, “in recent days, it has launched an operation to combat international drug trafficking, aiming at the seizure of a high quantity of cocaine”. It was within the scope of this operation, which had the support of the Tax and Customs Authority, that 375 kg of cocaine were seized, “in a logistics center located north of Lisbon, hidden inside a container that transported bananas, recently arrived in the territory national, by sea “.

According to that force, “four national citizens aged between 33 and 56 years of age were arrested in flagrante delicto suspected of being part of a transnational criminal organization dedicated to the introduction of large quantities of cocaine on the European continent. , coming from Latin America “.

“Three vehicles were also apprehended, as well as various objects and documentation, with evidential interest,” adds the same source, who added that “the detainees were present to the competent judicial authority over the past weekend, having the preventive detention coercion measure was applied to all of them “.

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