Judge decides: lateral thinker cell phone stays in Neubrandenburg

Who does not remember the visit to four well-known Corona measure critics in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania two weeks ago – keyword: in, out, in again! The live stream, in which the Neubrandenburg police chief Torsten Rusch tried in vain to persuade four lateral thinking activists on the B96 in Weisdin to turn around, was followed at times by up to 80,000 people on the Internet. Parts of the hour-long recording, in which an unbelievable amount and, in the end, no longer quite so friendly discussion about state regulations and the constitution, went viral.

Unspeakable but interesting bickering

Big topic of debate afterwards: Was it now super cool and consistent (many, for example, Prime Minister Schwesig, SPD) or rashly and intrusively (some, for example the administrative court in Schwerin) found that MV the controversial bus keteers – originally on their way to a rally in Neubrandenburg – wanted to kick out of the country so rigorously, citing the current entry ban in accordance with the Corona state ordinance? And that is exactly what it did on the next day after the urgent decision of the Greifswald District Court with a large police operation! However, the Schwerin Administrative Court decided almost in the same breath: Stop, entry is very much allowed – and then immediately allowed the four speakers back into the state for an event in Schwerin. In short: it was an unspeakable, but also very interesting hiccup.

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The matter is not over yet

The only thing that was certain was: never before has there been so much talk at a Mecklenburg bus stop as on the evening mentioned. And: The matter is not over yet. Among other things, because the Neustrelitz police collected the cell phone of one of the anti-measure activists when attempting to deport him and handed it over to the Neubrandenburg public prosecutor’s office for reading. Its owner, the Leipzig lawyer Ralf Ludwig, himself not clumsy in conjuring up legal issues, was accused of having recorded parts of the police operation with his smartphone and thus committed a “violation of the confidentiality of the spoken word”. A judge at the district court first had to decide whether the seizure was justified – and gave the green light last Friday, as a spokeswoman for the Neubrandenburg Jusitzzentrum confirmed to the Nordkurier. The cell phone will soon be read by the public prosecutor.

“Actually the next scandal”

Actually quite normal – and yet it looks as if the MV-Justiz has given the lateral thinkers in this matter the next step forward for complaints. Because: When the Nordkurier asked Ralf Ludwig what he said about the judicial readout permission, he said he didn’t even know about it. “I have no knowledge of it,” said Ludwig to the Nordkurier. His lawyer asked several times at the Neubrandenburg District Court about the state of affairs – and, unlike the Nordkurier, hadn’t heard of the judge’s ruling. “The fact that I only get the current status of the proceedings through a press inquiry is actually the next scandal,” said Ludwig to the Nordkurier.

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City of Schwerin backs down

Is the paragraph theater between the anti-measure activists and MV now going into the next round? The fact that the troublemakers are not always wrong with their understanding of the law shows what became of the proposed lawsuit by the city of Schwerin against the entry permit ruling. The Schwerin District Court had referred to the right of assembly anchored in the Basic Law in the judgment pro lateral thinker – and the city of Schwerin then considered having this decision reviewed retrospectively at the Higher Administrative Court. “We have refrained from it,” said a spokesman for the state capital of the Nordkurier. The reason is a lack of prospects of success.


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