Judge Berka solidly handled the Sparta – Slavia derby according to the jury

According to the referees of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Judge Ondřej Berka dealt solidly with Sunday’s league derby at Letná between Sparta and Slavia (1: 0). In the next seven matches of the 10th round of the highest competition, the referees did not make any obvious mistakes.

“The derby is a big match. This derby was very hard, there were a lot of fights, personal penalties, 13 cards. The referee could give an extra card on each side. However, I think he managed it,” the chairman of the commission told reporters. of judges Radek Příhoda.

Between the 27th and 41st minutes, the Slavic stopper Aiham Ousou saw two yellow cards. According to Příhoda, Berka could have dealt even more cards. “If we phased it out, there were more moments. You would find other yellow cards on them and maybe even a red card. We don’t want to take it out of context and we’re looking at it globally,” Příhoda said.

“If (Spartan David) Pavelka got the first yellow card in the eighth minute, he would probably get the second one somewhere and he wouldn’t finish. But there were more players. When you stop the first yellow card of Ousou, someone can say it’s red. But we don’t want such reds, “said Příhoda.

Berk did not even whistle two potential penalties for Sparta at the hands of Ivan Schranz and the duel of home midfielder Michal Sáček with Petr Ševčík. “We don’t want such penalty kicks. There was little contact with Sáček,” said former judge Příhoda.

It was okay that the second goal of Hradec Králové against Jablonec was valid (2: 2). After a direct kick at home, the goalkeeper Severočechů Jan Hanuš collided with one of the teammates, the ball fell out of his hand and Jan Král arrived at the net. “There were two seconds between the collision and the goal. The referee can’t do much there. If it took five seconds, I believe he would interrupt it,” Příhoda said.

At the end of the match, referee Petr Hocek ordered Pavel Dvořák’s penalty for Jablonec, which he withdrew after consulting with video referee Václav Štěrba and watching the recording. “I would like to commend VAR’s approach that the penalty was lifted,” Příhoda said.

The leader of Pilsen rightly kicked a penalty against Zlín (2: 1) at the hand of Dominik Simerský in the lime. “We are satisfied with the 10th round of the first league, it’s okay,” said Příhoda.



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