Jubilees in Latvia: Gemma Skulme, Guntis Bērziņš, Aina Ulmane, and More

Jubilees in Latvia: Gemma Skulme, Guntis Bērziņš, Aina Ulmane, and More

Jubilees in Latvia

In 1925, Gemma Skulme – painter (died in 2019).

An artist’s creative paradise. Let’s visit Gemma Skulma

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In 1938, Guntis Bērziņš – a politician.

In 1939, Aina Ulmane – the wife of the 5th President of the State of Latvia, Guntas Ulmani.

In 1953 Mirdza Zīvere – singer and producer.

In 1967, Zanda Strauss – actress.

In 1979, Jolanta Dukure – former track and field athlete, runner, participant of several Olympic Games.

Jubilees in the world

In 1778, Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen – naval officer and traveler of the Russian Empire (died in 1852).

1844. Pyotr Ritel – Polish composer born in Vilnius (died in 1970).

In 1934, Sophia Loren – Italian actress, winner of the “Oscar” award and several “Golden Globes”.

Italian actress Sophia Loren in her youth

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In 1948, George RR Martin – American writer.

In 1951, Guy Lefleur – Canadian hockey player, winner of five Stanley Cups.

In 1956, Gary Cole – American actor.

In 1967 Kirsten Johnston – American actress.

In 1971, Henrik Låshon – one of the greatest Swedish footballers of all time.

In 1975, Asia Argento – Italian actress.

In 1975, Juan Pablo Montoya – Colombian racing driver.

In 1976, Joe Bernthal – American actor (“The Walking Dead”, “The Punisher”).

In 1986, Christian Ansaldi – Argentine football player.

In 1990, John Tavares – Canadian ice hockey player, champion of the 2014 Olympic Games.

In 1995, Rob Holdings – an English football player.

Events in Latvia

In 1856, the Bavarian brewer J. Dauders founded the “Waldschlosshen” brewery in Riga. In 1937, following the merger of this company, AS “Iļguciema alus doretava” and AS “Tanheizem”, the state joint-stock company “Aldaris” was established, thereby creating the most modern brewery in the Baltic States and the only brewery in Latvia with automatic bottle washing and filling equipment.

In 1942, a politician, one of the founders of the Latvian state, the first head of the Provisional Government of Latvia and several times the Prime Minister of Latvia, the 4th President of the Latvian State Kārlis Ulmanis (born in 1877) died in prison in the USSR.

In 1956, one of the bridges over the Daugava – the Stone Bridge – was completed. It was ceremoniously opened in 1957 and until 1992 it was called the October Bridge. The total length of the bridge is 503 meters and the width is 27.6 meters.

In 1971, on the basis of several factories, the producer association “Alfa” was established, in which 12,000 workers worked until 1991. “Alfa” produced transistors, semiconductor diodes and various integrated circuits. Mostly, the products produced by “Alfa” were used for further production of airplanes and space equipment.

In 1998, President Guntis Ulmanis paid an official visit to New York, where he participated in the 53rd session of the UN General Assembly and met with the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Madeleina Albright.

In 2003, Latvia held a referendum on Latvia’s membership in the European Union (EU). 676,700 or 66.97% of voters voted for Latvia’s membership in the EU, against – 325,980 or 32.26% of voters. 71.49% of voters participate in the popular vote.

In 2003, the chairman of the First Party of Latvia, Āriks Jēkabsons, calls for the replacement of the leader of the “Jaunais Laiks” party, Prime Minister Einar Repši, in the leadership of the government, stating that Latvia is on the eve of a dictatorship regime, and the only way to save the country from it is to replace the head of the government.

In 2004, the first free-access Internet kiosk installed by the Riga municipality was opened in the “Alfa” shopping center, which provides an opportunity for anyone interested to view all Latvian Internet resources for free.

Events in the world

In 1187, Saladin’s troops began the siege of Jerusalem.

In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan with a team of about 270 men started his expedition to sail around the world.

In 1633, the Inquisition begins to try Galileo Galilei for his claims that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

In 1854, in the Battle of Alma, the British and French army defeated the Russian army in the Crimea.

In 1870 Bersaglieri’s forces enter Rome, completing the unification of Italy.

In 1891, the first gasoline-powered car was presented in the state of Massachusetts, USA.

In 1928, the Great Fascist Council became Italy’s highest legislative body.

In 1946, the first Cannes Film Festival takes place.

Stars at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival

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In 1969, John Lennon leaves The Beatles, but agrees not to announce it publicly while the group negotiates a record deal.

In 1973, Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match called the “battle of the sexes” in Houston.

In 1975, David Bowie reached the top of the charts for the first time with the song “Fame”.

In 2000, the last performance of the musical “Cats” takes place on Broadway.

In 2011, the ban on open homosexuals serving in the United States military is officially lifted.

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