Juana Rivas’ lawyer files a complaint with the CGPJ against the Granada judge who sentenced her for “offensive” content on the networks


The defense of Juana Rivas has formalized a complaint before the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) against the head of the Criminal Court 1 of Granada, Judge Manuel Piñar, for the contents he disseminates on social networks and the media, understanding that they are ” offensive “and constitute” obvious insults to multiple groups “, including” colleagues, various authorities and public officials “.

In the aforementioned complaint, to which Europa Press had access, the lawyer Carlos Aránguez affirms that the statements of the magistrate on social networks “far exceed the limits of freedom of expression, especially considering that they are made by an applicator of the law”, and asks that the CGPJ initiate the corresponding disciplinary file “against him.

To justify this request, he recalls in his memoir that “Article 395 of the Organic Law of the Judiciary prohibits judges and magistrates from addressing to powers, authorities and public officials or official bodies, compliments or censures for their acts”.

Extracts of much of the content published by Piñar are attached to the complaint in order to determine whether or not the judge “overrides the right to freedom of expression, which protects any opinion as long as it is not formally abusive, and whether or not it satisfies with the decorum required of who has the responsibility to dispense justice ”.

Among the publications included in the complaint, there are some that, according to Aránguez, were “censored by Facebook after being denounced, for lack of truthfulness or for direct incitement to hatred or violence”. As the lawyer pointed out to the media, the CGPJ has already communicated that it “admits this complaint for processing and is investigating it”.

On the other hand, Juana Rivas’s legal team – whom Judge Piñar initially sentenced to five years in prison for child abduction – reported in a statement this Monday that his appeal against the order of the Superior Court of Justice of ‘Andalusia (TSJA) that does not accept his criminal complaint for abuse and institutional mistreatment against the same magistrate for his acts in the case of this mother from Maracena (Granada), whose sentence was then reduced by the Supreme Court to half and that it was finally pardoned by the Government.

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