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It has already been reported that the multi-series feature film premiered on November 27 on the internet platform “agentura.jrt.lv”. Currently, the film is available only in Latvian, but it is planned that it will also be shown in Russian by the end of the year.

Speaking about the total income from pre-sales, Liepiņa pointed out that the ticket price was 40 euros, however, it should be taken into account that this product, unlike theater tickets, is subject to value added tax of 21%.

“Ticket sales take place all the time, but it should be noted that only three days have passed since the premiere. Sales have changed a bit due to the holidays. We also accept that loyal theater-goers bought the product in advance,” said the theater representative.

Asked what the costs of producing a multi-series film were, Liepiņa pointed out that it is quite difficult to name an objective amount, because all theater actors who receive a salary were involved in the creation of the series, but were not paid separately. For example, theater rooms were used in the creation of the series.

“The calculation this time would not reflect the production costs of such a product, because we have monthly expenses related to premises, salaries and administration. Almost all colleagues were involved in the process and the administration acted as a series producer,” Liepiņa explained. As reported, during the Covid-19 crisis in the spring, JRT artistic director Alvis Hermanis had the idea to make a series of feature films, which were filmed in the summer. According to the theater representative Liepiņa, the film genre combines a psychological thriller with a detective and its events will take place in Riga and the country in the summer of 2020. At the center of the story is an advertising agency where “professionalism meets fatigue, romance and existential confusion.” Herman previously pointed out that the target audience of the multi-series feature film “Agency” is likely to be JRT viewers.

The authors of the film are Hermanis and writer Jānis Joņevs with the participation of actors, while the cameraman is Mārtiņš Grauds.





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