JPK VAT. Changes from October

According to “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, the new changes have been postponed by the coronavirus pandemic. From October, however, there will be no reduced tariff.

All transactions carried out by VAT payers after October 1 will have to be included in the new JPK_V7 file. This is a big change, because so far such entrepreneurs had to send two files to the tax office – JPK_VAT and VAT-7 declarations.

The new file will be divided into two parts – registration and declaration. The first is to correspond to what has been in JPK_VAT so far, plus some additional information.

Gaps in Polish law, money is leaking. “Sealing has to be done all the time”

The second is what has so far been included in the VAT-7 or VAT-7K declaration. These documents will de facto cease to function as stand-alone declarations.

Importantly, there are not to be any obligations for entrepreneurs. You will not need to submit any new statements or documents to the treasury. The settlement for October will simply have to be sent under the new rules.

Standard Audit File. Additional obligations for entrepreneurs

In JPK_V7, you will also have to mark some goods and services. The list of special GTU codes can be found in the ordinance of the Minister of Finance, Investments and Development of October 15, 2019.

2h ago

soupMaybe even short videos of the transaction in the attachments?

53 min. ago

MarekIf there will be no additional work, and marking some goods and services is not additional work? I have been giving up Vatu since the new year, and most of the services … Read the whole thing

53 min. ago

CitizenEveryone should pay the tax for themselves, employees also get gross wages. Then the tax office quickly becomes friendly to the citizen and … Read the whole thing

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