Joy Istanbuli.. A tragic end for the disappeared girl in Syria

She said Syrian News Agency (SANA) Israeli missiles targeted sites in the countryside of Damascus and southern Tartus governorate, on Sunday, According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, The targeted sites contain Iranian militias.

A military source told SANA that at approximately 20:50 on Sunday evening, Israel launched missile strikes from southeast Beirut, targeting some points in Damascus countryside.

This coincided with another strike targeting some points south of Tartus governorate.

The source added that the attack led to the killing of three soldiers, wounding of three others, and causing some material losses.

The Syrian Observatory stated that three members of the regime forces were killed and others were wounded as a result of the Israeli targeting of an air defense base and a radar in the village of Abu Afsa, south of Tartous city.

The observatory indicated that the strikes targeted military sites of the regime forces in which Iranian militias are located in the southern countryside of Tartus, where several missiles landed in the vicinity of Abu Afsa village, and at an air defense and radar base in the area.

The targeted sites are about 8 km away from the Russian base, according to the observatory.

He added that several violent explosions resounded at the sites, while ambulances rushed to the area to rescue the wounded and evacuate the dead.

Israel rarely confirms that it has carried out strikes in Syria, but it reiterates that it will continue to confront what it describes as Iran’s attempts to entrench its military presence in that country.

Israel has repeatedly accused Iran of smuggling weapons and missile development systems from Tehran to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, using civilian flights through Syria.

In June, there were reports of Israeli air strikes Damascus Airport, located south of the Syrian capital, which caused damage to buildings and rendered the airstrips out of service.

At the time, the Syrian Observatory stated that the Israeli missiles targeted warehouses belonging to Hezbollah and the Iranian forces near the airport, above the only operating runway remaining there.

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