«Joy, I feel terrible». Doctors must intervene

Elettra Lamborghini, illness a Sunday In: doctors forced to intervene on live TV on Rai 1. What happened? Up leggo.it we tell you what happened this afternoon live in Domenica In with guest Elettra Lamborghini interviewed by Mara Venier.

Paolo Rossi, the widow on Sunday Live: “We suffered another shock theft”

Elettra Lamborghini on tv he explained that he had the witch stroke. “I wanted to be present, to avoid giving a sudden forfeit”, underlined the Lamborghini. And Mara Venier asked her to tell what happened to her: “At six in the morning I wake up and I felt crammed. I just can’t move anymore. The osteopath came too, he cracked me all over. He put the devil’s claw on me. Joy I’m very bad, ”explained the showgirl.

Moments of embarrassment and fear on live TV. Then Mara Venier immediately called the doctor present behind the scenes and interrupted the interview with Elettra Lamborghini.

Last updated: Sunday 28 February 2021, 22:47




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