Jovic wants a second chance at Madrid

These last few hours have been very difficult for Luka Jovic (22 years old). When he was preparing to return to training, this Monday, with Madrid, on Thursday, a day after passing the coronavirus test, he had to return to Valdebebas due to severe pain in his right foot. The tests showed an extra-articular fracture in the calcaneus bone, a diagnosis that points to around two months. low.

The news was a direct to the forward’s spirit, which will last about four months, from the break for COVID-19 until his recovery, without competing. His rehabilitation will require patience, care and a demanding mini-season in the middle of July, requirements that Jovic is already aware of. He is aware that he has hit rock bottom, that his first year at Madrid has been punctuated by a lack of confidence in Zidane, who tends to go slowly with young people, discreet performance, mistakes and bad luck.


Based on that, it initiates a reset that this last mishap will delay. I was in high spirits, after this time without soccer, to demonstrate why he made a name for himself at Eintracht (27 goals and 7 assists in 50 appearances) and Madrid had paid 60 million euros for him. His goal now is to get well and as soon as possible, rush your options to reach the final and most decisive section of the League and, above all, the Champions League, which is scheduled for August.

Suitors in Italy

Jovic wants another chance not only in the remainder of 2019-20, but also in 2020-21. He feels that, due to the lack of minutes, he has not been able to dock as he would have liked. He has only disputed 770 widely spaced, which places him as Squad Player 19 in participation. In them he has contributed 2 goals and 2 assists, with an intervention average of one goal every 192.5 minutes.

So He believes that he has not had a real opportunity, which is what he is after. He intends, at least, to give himself one more season to have more time; if not, it would look for a way out; if he plays more and doesn’t reach his level, too. Clubs have called him in recent months as Naples and Milan.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

In the recent conversations with San Siro the interest was reported but it was explained that The economic crisis has the Italian club tied hands: today it is more a wish than something feasible. Jovic’s plan, however, is to succeed in white and for the Bernabéu to create his name, as revealed by his personal fitness trainer at AS. Madrid sent him a message of confidence when he was in Belgrade, but the margin of error is decreasing …

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