Jovanotti and daughter Teresa recovered from cancer: “It was a tiger”

January 14, 2021

Jovanotti, after the post of the daughter Teresa, which he said he had fought and defeated cancer, entrusts social words of thanks for thewave of love that overwhelmed his family. And in doing so, he expresses all his pride and esteem for his women, Teresa e his wife Francesca, who “in recent months have fought like two tigers“.

Thanks to all of you for the messages! today is a beautiful day for us, Teresa and her mother Francesca have been two tigers in recent months, I am so proud of them. Thank you all very much to all of you! The “pet” yesterday said that the disease is gone. Now let’s get started!

Thousands were the messages posted by the followers under the post on Teresa: practically the entire Italian music sector, and beyond, wanted to express their joy for Teresa’s recovery.

And Lorenzo repeatedly reiterated his gratitude between one comment and another:

your affection has overwhelmed us and with my girls @terrywho_cartoons @fravaliani we are here thrilled that we would like to find a way to thank you.

I would like to answer each of you individually, this is what I really want to do and what the situation deserves, but I calculated (with the cell calculator) that it would take me more or less 216 hours without breaks, in short. So I thank you so for the warmth you have conveyed to this family today: THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. ❤️💪🙏👍


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