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Yesterday, journalists from two publications at once, who got access to the pre-release version of the Xbox Series X, reportedthat the next generation console gets very hot. According to one of them, the system emits a lot of heat even in standby mode.
However, other journalists disagreed with these statements. For example, senior editor The Verge Tom Warren notedthat is under the embargo, but stated that Microsoft Wouldn’t send consoles to hundreds of journalists, streamers and youtubers if they were having heat issues.

They just wouldn’t let people touch the console at all.

Tom Warren

Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat considersthat the temperature of the Xbox Series X could be a problem for those who would play it in handheld mode (which the console does not have – ed.).
The really annoying thing about these fears and doubts is that now I feel the need to comment on the situation.

My statement will become part of the story, which, in turn, will give strength to these doubts. You all know how hot CPUs and GPUs are these days, right?

Jeff Grubb

That being said, Jeff Baccalar from Giant Bomb didn’t agreethat his comments on the Xbox Series X standby temperature support rumors of console heating issues.
Also, Baccalar notedthat the external SSD of the console didn’t burn his hand when he took it out. According to the journalist, the SSD was just hot to the touch, although the video shows link he says the SSD is “on fire” and calls it “super hot”.
Xbox Series X / S will start selling on November 10th. Acceptance of pre-orders already started.

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