Journalist: “Vityaz” is KHL’s second most problematic club right after Riga “Dinamo”

Sport-Express reviewer Alexei Shevchenko has expressed the opinion that the Continental Hockey League (KHL) club in the Moscow region “Vityaz” is currently one of the most problematic in the whole tournament, but it is also unable to compete with Riga “Dinamo”.

It has already been reported that the Vityaz unit has still not settled with the hockey players for the previous season. Also, the team has not yet been able to agree with the Podolsk arena on the games. However, yesterday it became known that the club’s budget for the next season will be reduced, which could also affect the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Telegram’s Hockey without spectators announced that Vityaz plans to reduce the salaries of hockey players with contracts for more than 20 million rubles (248 thousand euros) per season. There are nine such players in the team, including a Latvian Kaspars Daugavins, which in May concluded an agreement for 35 million rubles (approximately 436.6 thousand euros). If a Latvian agrees to a 20% reduction, his salary could be 28 million rubles (approximately 345.5 thousand euros).

“Podolsk is one of the most problematic teams in this off-season. Of course, it is impossible to beat Riga’s “Dynamo”, where there is still no player and no coach appointed, but currently the Moscow Region Club has a convincing penultimate place in the league. Good news started showing at the end of last week, but the club has not been able to do without financial losses, ”Shevchenko writes.

A few days ago, KHL published information on club line-ups based on information available to the league. If all clubs have almost completed teams, then in Riga this process is in the initial stage, because currently only five hockey players have contracts. They are goalkeeper Reinis Liepiņš (19), defender Ernests Ošenieks (18), as well as attackers Emīls Ģēģeris (20), Patriks Zabusovs (19) and Jānis Švanenbergs (18).

It is not yet known who will train “Dinamo” in the upcoming season. The latest information shows that the club will choose between Peter Skudra and Boris Mironov. Viktors Kozlovs or Valērijs Kuļibaba, without training the Riga team, writes the Telegram channel “Hockey without spectators”.

Meanwhile, Shevchenko revealed that the Dynamo team will start solving “its problems” this week. Signing contracts with hockey players and coaches is problematic.

It is still unclear how Dinamo will host Russian clubs next regular season. Leonid Waisfeld, a commentator for KHL TV channel, has already said that Dinamo would hardly be happy to play home games in Russia.

“Non-Russian teams hope that travel problems will be resolved at the national level,” Shevchenko wrote.

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