Journal – Reading note: “FAZ” reports on Reporters Without Borders’ lawsuit against Facebook

At the end of January one began Author contribution in the “PR-Journal”: “The business principle of American ‘social’ media is not just about radicalization and filter bubble formation, it is based on it. The massive spread of agitation and disinformation that culminated in the storming of the US Capitol illustrate its dysfunctional role. Unfortunately, even a few social media “beacons” do not change the fact that they now pose a threat to liberal democracies and urgently need to be regulated. ”Author Detlev Spierling (photo) has dealt extensively with the dangers posed by Facebook . The organization Reporters Without Borders has now filed a lawsuit against Facebook.

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reports on the case. The accusation of Reporters Without Borders: Facebook disregards its own rules and does too little against hate speech. Reporters Without Borders wants to show that false information is sometimes spread months after publication without labeling or classification on the Facebook platform and “hate comments are not removed despite their possible effects on the safety of journalists”.

Here is the one “FAZ” contribution in full length to find.

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